Moser Baer Enters Insolvency, Stops Optical Disc Production

Ah, sounds familar.

My old 12x DLP had dark blue, 8x DL a lighter blue and were CMC-ATIP, my last Verbs were 40x with light blue, could be similar to your 52x

The 12x DLP were great, last year re-scanned and mostly are still in very good shape. However, had one bad exemplar


Revisiting this topic, I wonder what will happen in terms of Verbatim media, especially for the European market, since a lot of it was made by MBIL (I assume due to geographic proximity). I wonder if FTI will be called upon to fill the void as they made some REALLY good SL MCC media a few years back.

Would be nice, but what about CMC?

In the shops around here you rarely find CMC-Verbatims, but the whosale my employer order DVDs sell atm printable -R by CMC and +R by MBIL

I’ve imported Verbatim 16x hub printable media for the EU market and all spindles I got,+ or -, were by CMC.

Where do you live?

In most local shops around here I only find MBIL, the Real-market (Metro AG) was the only one who had also some CMC, but could be older batches.

I don´t know who made the printable +R I´ve burned in last time, but my x24 F LiteOn have awful problems with it

Some discs were not recognized after burn.

And my DVR-S21 had problems with -R

I don´t have the S21 that long, but my S20 had no problems with older batches of MCC, no matter whether MBIL or CMC

I hope the quality of MCC-media would be more stable in future.

MBIL’s assets are available for sale (including millions of blank media):

Annexure-Asset-Details-MBIL.xlsx (1.3 MB)
MBIL-assetdetailsnotice2-80319-2.xlsx (1.2 MB)

Anyone think it would bought by someone?

Perhaps it will go down like this:

1.­ E-Net (if they’re still around) or some German distributor buys up the overstock media, overprints labels with “AAA+++ Grade Limited Edition” and dumps them onto the European market.

2.­ Someone in Hong Kong or mainland China buys the manufacturing lines for pennies on the dollar and begins producing cheap media with worn out stampers and the Chinese quality control we have come to love.

Unless of course someone comes in and steals that too… lol.

Chances are that one way or another the ghost of MBI will continue supplying the markets outside of North America with low quality media in the immediate future.

I am somewhat sad to see them gone though, they managed to produce decent stuff until about May 2010, even MCC 004 discs with better quality than any DVD+R TY ever made. If their management hadn’t been completely useless maybe they could have paid their debts and made a comeback but now they are gone forever.

The lands, the buildings and some other assets (like the cars, etc.) are certainly going to be bought by someone.
Some of the MBIL’s former competitors might buy a small part of the most valuable manufacturing machinery (blu-ray lines, metallizers, spare parts). Most of it will be probabably scraped to make room in the buildings.

That’s very probable. Look at the sheet named “Lot-3-Inventory” (MBIL-assetdetailsnotice2-80319-2.xlsx).
There is 70 407 262 pieces of media in their warehouses to be auctioned, including some very interesting and odd media (74 min and DA CD-Rs, platinum DVDRs, BD-REs, DVDRs made with different dye formulas, etc.) and many rejected, unprinted and low grade (there seems to be at least 4 or 5 quality grades) media.


Their management was beyond useless, somewhere between incompetent and fraudulent.

They have some HD DVD-R’s left, and Cyanine dye CD-R’s that caught my attention. It would be terrific if some of the rarer items that can’t be overprinted and sold, ended up on eBay instead of being destroyed.

They do seem to have many quality grades, and they actually identify them. Many people on cdfreaks used to be skeptical about their existence, for some reason.
“CDR MBI 48x 500MB Z Grade” doesn’t sound too enticing though :disagree:

I think that if anything good came out of this bankruptcy and liquidation it is this document. I can see it being valuable not only in identifying which brands used MBI (especially useful with uncommon ones) but also the quality and other details not released to the public. Thanks for posting it here, by the way.

Yes, I believe I had mentioned that article in the previous MBI banckruptcy topic.

I’m not sure if there was necessarily foul play, but it would be interesting to see how aggressively (if at all) the Indian equivalent of the SEC will go after Mr. Puri & Co, there sure are plenty of pissed off creditors and stockholders. What is certain is there was gross mismanagement of funds in the form of Mr. Puri’s investment ideas.

My attention was caught by CDR 74 DA M MORE MAKROLON PRINTED - they must be about 17-20 years old. And by MAM-A “Platinum” DVDRs with a hybrid silver-gold reflective layer. Also, I find it fascinating how many overstock and rejected media they had accumulated in their warehouses.

:bigsmile: They have 4 071 575 pcs of those. :dizzy_face:
They will be probably reprinted and sold in the developing markets.
There are also items graded as “rejects”, which are probably even worse and likely downright unusable.

Well, I can sort of understand why they would opt to just pile up all the junk media instead of throwing it away or sending it off to be destroyed. In countries like India and China, nothing ever really gets destroyed, it would just be found/stolen by someone and then re-sold to some greedy European distributor as low grade media. And that would mean bad business when the end users can see the MIDs, but have no clue the media is a factory reject that comes from unofficial sources. Destroying the discs on their own would probably be expensive, so they chose to just leave it sitting in the warehouse till kingdom come.

Another interesting thing I found was that they were saving “L Grade” Sony DVD-R’s specifically for the domestic market. If I were Indian, that would probably bother me a bit… The Japanese used to get accused of doing just the opposite, hoarding the best quality media for domestic distributors/brands.

The biggest financial creditor is, of course, the government-owned STATE BANK OF INDIA. :roll_eyes:

List-of-Operational-Creditors.pdf (154.6 KB)
List-of-Financial-Creditors.pdf (132.5 KB)

Even my old MBI-made media with MBI-code were much better than actual MCC-media, no matter which made it.

A “good” lable for MBI-made media is maybe Esperanza/Extreme/Titanum. Have some media which have this brand, MBI-made SONY D21 (big vary of quality), low quality MBI-code-media (like all other MBI, e.g. Platinum, Maxell) but on the package is printed “Made in China”, TYG02-fakes (big vary of quality)