Moser Baer Enters Insolvency, Stops Optical Disc Production


Some sad news today. It has come to our attention that Moser Baer India Limited has entered insolvency and stopped producing optical discs.

According to public filings, one of Moser Baer’s major creditors submitted an application against the company in November, thus pushing it and its solar division into a formal insolvency resolution process.

In the mean time, the manufacturer and marketer of writable and prerecorded optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) and other storage media, as well as LED lighting and solar equipment, continues to lock out disgruntled workers (over 2,200 according to published reports) at its factory in Greater Noida, India.

Once one of the largest optical disc manufacturers in the world with heady solar ambitions, the company is no stranger to controversy and has struggled for years. Given current market conditions, as well as Moser Baer’s labour strife, debts and admittedly “severe liquidity crunch,” it remains to be seen what will become of this formerly high flying concern.

As a matter of brief history, Moser Baer was founded in 1983, entered the data storage market a few years later manufacturing floppy diskettes, expanded into CD-R disc production in 1999 and shifted gears into photovoltaics and home entertainment in 2006.

Intimation_SX.pdf (401.6 KB)

Actual list of DVD-R/+R-manufacturer?

MBI decreased the quality massive in the last years, but it looks like the cheaper production and have many customers (which used Ritek, CMC or other manufacturers before) wasn´t enough to make money

Bad news for the workers


That’s sad news!
I like their DVD DL and CD-R, especially 90min.
Their BD-R are not the best, but have a good longevity.


MBI gave up? Hell no.


DVD-SL: One of the worst DVD-manufacturers these days, you really miss them? I hope I will never get any brand in the next years with MBI-code, my TY-fakes are even much better. Not to mention to compare with Ritek, even CMC, Ume and AML are superior to MBI

Vogelschreck posted a picture of his newest MBI-media, the two layers of the disc can be pulled apart easy

Ume was saved some years ago:

List of active manufacturers


Yes, I really miss them. Because I love CQ.
We bought 100 of their DVD-Rs for testing purposes.
Their quality in the tests was actually excellent (recorded on BE14NU40 at ×12 and ×8), but they may degrade.


Try Princo and Esperanza (named Extreme, Titanum), Bulkpaq, Budget, Prodye

I´m afraid of the circumstances that MBI will be available the next years in many, many brands in Germany. USA looks like they have not this problem, MBI seems not to be very common there.

My MBI-media I bought more than 10 years ago was better than actual MCC-media, but MBI make their way down.


Prodye was an excellent source of exotic MIDs (mostly European producers) back in the days. Do you have any idea who produces their current media?


Nope, not sure.

I only know Prodye as a in-house-brand of

Nierles homepage is not up-to-date and they never answer a question about used MIDs.

However, some MIDs which are still listed by Nierle:

MCC 004 and 03 RG20 (Fakes?)

RICOHJPND01 and RICOHJPND00 (for sure Fakes)

MBI 01RG40

Philip R04


Due the pricedumping of MBI, Ume and less manufacturers I guess you would get these cheap manufacturers instead of exotic media.

My last Prodye I get was on Ebay, 8x DVD+R, similar design to this

I think it is MCC 003-fake

Other exotic I get from Prodye are 2,4x RW with SENTINEL-W01


It was a source for exotic media in the past, so if you found some older media on ebay it´s maybe worth a look :wink:

You can get things like DT-D03…004, Plasmon, 3AM020, POMSC001002, but also Optodisc and MCC/TY-fakes

Similar to Prodye there was a brand named Dynamax, was the brand of

Esperanza was also a specialist for fakes and exotic media, but like I said, now you can mostly expect crappy and unexotic MBI-media


Are they still available online?

Sadly, none available on ebay at the moment.


Nope, bought this RWs more than 10 years ago. Most DVD-writers can´t burn em readable in the past, with newer writers it´s even more worse


Was their dye colour different 10 years ago?
My MBi’s look like pale red/purple, while my RiTEKs (F1=-R,F16=+R) look like raspberry pink. My Platinum is actually RiTEKF.

My Speer DVD-R×4 have exactly the same dye colour tone as Verbatim MCC004.


What is their MID code? Speer usually sold media made by obscure producers.


I will take a look.
SH-S182 finds no MID code at all! S182 also reports ×2.0 as maximum speed, like it did ×8.0 with RITEKF16.

I will try on other drives. I can remember it having an obscure MID and a clone called DataSafe (maybe that was Verbatim, not quite sure).
Speer computertechnics/computerproducts even had their own ×16 DVD writer, but today, there is not much trace left fron them.


It’s perfectly possible for DVD-R to not have any MID at all.


Never saw DVD without a MID ^^



Uhm, Speer seems to be very special :minidisc:


The same situation here. Local shops and all major online shops in Slovakia still sells old stock (produced in 2010-2013) media, in 90% made by MBIL regardless of the brand name.


The advantage with local shops is you can maybe read the Made in …

But not all brands print it on the package :\

Yes: maxell, mediarange, Sony, Philips

No: Intenso, Platinum, most house brands of Discounters

TBH, I don´t know what brands are in Slovakia common