Moser Baer DH-22A8P "Session Fixation Error"

I have a Moser Baer DH-22A8P UM71 dvd writer which has started giving me this ‘Session Fixation Error’ since yesterday. I am trying to burn Sony 8.5GB DVDs & till now I have wasted 3 of the dvds. The error appears at around 50-58% when it switches to ‘Burning layer 2’. I have switched from Nero 8 to Nero 9 but still no help. I am using Windows 7 x64 RTM. 2 weeks ago, I successfully burnt a double layer dvd. I don’t know why its not working now. I have backed-up the original firmware this morning using the EEPROM utility & flashed the firmware successfully to the patched iHAP322 UL19 which I downloaded from since I read on this forum that DH-22A8P is the same as this. I have yet to verify whether it will burn my dvds or not. 1 more thing which I want to mention is that my previous drive was Moser baer DH-20A4P & it too started giving me these errors while using Nero 7 Windows Vista SP2 x64 after a few months or purchase so I returned it & got this drive in place of it. I have searched this forum but haven’t found out the cause yet.

I am using the latest chipset software for my windows 7 x64 from the Intel’s site. How should I solve this problem ? Is this the problem with all Liteon Dh series ??

(NOTE: I am not using my home PC right now, so I will post the error log when I get back home)

Try another brand of media.

Unfortunately, there’s no other brand available around my area else I would have tried that too. Moreover, I believe that other brands won’t work…like I said, I burnt the same Sony double layer dvd 2 weeks ago with a data of around 6.5GB & it had worked. Yesterday, I tried to create both multisession & non-multisession dvd & neither worked with speeds of 2.4x, 6x, 8x.

1 more thing that comes to my mind. I recently changed a setting in my gigabyte motherboard bios called Sata Port 1-4 to Native instead of Legacy. Has the error got something to do with this ? The dvd write is an IDE drive set as master in port 4, I believe.