Moser baer 8x verbatim -r & +r

any one tryed moser baer 8x verbatim -r & +r any one know the quality is like

All my 8x Verbatims are MCC media.

I have a spindle of 8x TDK +R which are MBIPG101R04 and are pretty good - QS of ~ 95, IIRC.

I’ll see if I can find a scan.

Just done another :

don’t now what the -r’s are like cos they seem quite cheap at 100 for 25 quid

I just tested a “Made in India” Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x (MCC 003) disc yesterday. I believe those are made by Moser Baer.

It burned well at 6x in my Plextor PX-712A - as well as the Made in Taiwan Verbatims I have. I haven’t tested it at higher than 6x though.

The reason I tested it at 6x is that this is the optimal speed for most media on my PX-712A, and I get very consistent burn quality at this speed.

A PxScan/PxView result can be seen below. PIE and PIF values are very good, but the Beta value strays a bit from the zero line.

I have both dvd+r and dvd-r verbatim
dvd-r are made in india (moser baer india ?)
dvd+r are made in taiwan (cmc or prodisc)

I will post the result in media test section.

Made in India verbatims are made by MBIL.

Verbatim 8x dvd-r made in India is like a Princo
Avoid them at all cost

Manufacturer ID : MCC 02RG20 <o =""></o>


I think that is a LITTLE too harsh on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

to late bought a 25 tub :stuck_out_tongue:

yap , Princo is better :stuck_out_tongue:
i write to them and they say to upgrade my firmware… :a:a:a

got a 50 pack moser baer x8 + TDK branded white tops at costco for $25 a few months ago. decent media, no coasters so far (20 left) and good burns.

‘Made in india’ 8x -R Verbatim MCC02RG20 burned @ 8x in Pioneer 108

3 different discs

pretty consistant results

verb made in india 8x

My scan of Verbatim -R 8x MCC 02RG20 :
Burnt at 8x with NEC3540, Not excellent PI Errors !:Z

My scan was refeered to a disk made in India,
With this Media code I only find disks manufactured in India here in Italy.
Others brands like Tdk, Ty give better results !

You know I like to recommend Verbatim to people but with this BS that they are pulling now with completely outsourcing to other manufacturers, I just can’t recommend them unless I know for sure that they are carrying MCC codes. The only thing by them that I trust at this point is the D/L media.

For the first time i bought 02rg20 Verbatims/Taiwan and results vary from very nice to complete crap within 8 discs/ 4 drives. The nice scans are so nice that i wanna buy more then the next reminds me of my worst prodiscf01 scans with 4-500 pif max so i think i’ll settle with these 25 and get some Verbatim/Japan, tyg02, that i know work :slight_smile: