Morrowind dont' work

I have Morrowind english version (Europe) and I tried to copy it with CloneCD 4.2.
I don’t know this program, then I don’t know if I did something wrong, but the game don’t start.
I can install it, but it say that there are errors when I try to play (then windows xp ask me if I want send the error to windows’ support).
The cd seems identical, it has also the same Safe Disc 2.5 protection, but the original works, the copy no.

Please, help me… :bow:

PS. I already post this message, but in a wrong section of the forum, only because there was a thread on Morrowind.

Brand and model of burner?
Settings? Profile used?

Freecom Internal DVD+RW, DVD+R recorder.
I say that I don’t know the program… but if you mean which image I clicked for copy the cd is “Protected CD Game”.
I kept the default settings of thet profile… I hope in your country this profile is active (according to the help in some states it is deactivated).

Forget me if I made mistakes, I’m not english…

Are you tring to play the copied game in the burner. I don’t know if dvd-rw’s read ATIP info but if they do I guess you need HIDE CDR MEDIA enabled. Otherwise use a diff cd-rom to play it in, if you have one.

Umm, does anyone know for sure if DVD-RW’s need HIDE CDR enabled?
I would guess they do.

Originally posted by xtacydima

Umm, does anyone know for sure if DVD-RW’s need HIDE CDR enabled?
I would guess they do.

Yes, they have to.

I tried it on an other computer, where I already installed Morrowind, then not in the DVD writer drive.
I tried also to reinstall the program, but it’s the same thing: it install the game, but exit jut after clicking play at the launcher.

Morrowind - The Elder Scrolls III SafeDisc 2.51.021

Your writer cannot copy this without Emulation. You need to use the emulation profile which you can dowload from the profile thread in this forum.