Morrowind CCD help?

Ok I’m a Newbie at CCD so here are my questions:

I’m using CCD 4 and I’m try to burn two CDs from these files:

gamecd1.ccd 772bytes
gamecd1.cue 99bytes
gamecd1.img 704mb
gamecd1.sub 28mb

gamecd2.ccd 772bytes
gamecd2.cue 99bytes
gamecd2.img 704mb
gamecd2.sub 28mb

I chose create CD from image and used that Game profile. All of these files are located in the same directory (shoud I separtat gamecd1 and gamecd2 files?). The first CD burned great but is doesn’t work when placed in any CD ROM (doesn’t recognize). It asked for the source file as *.ccd (but what about the cue img and sub files, what are they for?) Can anyone help?

C. Quark

Did you download these CloneCD files? There’s no need to seperate the files. What game is it (title)? Any protection on it that you know of? Tried running the game from your CD-writer with Hide CDR Media enabled in the CloneCD tray?