Morpheus to add paid service in about 4 weeks

I just posted the article Morpheus to add paid service in about 4 weeks.

Japser used our newssubmit to tell us that the CEO of Morpheus has announced the service will add a pay service in four weeks.

Morpheus content, which consists of music and video files, will…

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i don’t think that will leave much for the free service. Let’s hope they stay away from Winmx :d

Morpheus content will be rapped in a secure way? How the hell is that possible with no central servers? If I connect to someones computer how are they charging me?

Morpheus has! central servers who manage the database with the users files. It’s not like Gnutella. So they can shut it down whenever they want to!

What was the site again for tweakmx?

Well, that’s the end of Morpheus–Is this also going to affect Grokster???