Morpheus security risk



I just posted the article Morpheus security risk.

Pedro used our newssubmit to tell us that a security flaw has been found in Morpheus:

A security hole has been discovered in one of the world’s most popular file-swapping programs which…

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Speaking of new versions. WTF ever happend to that article you guys posted about Morpheus 2.0 being able to get onto the Gnutella network and fasttrack?? anyone know anything about this. I was kinda hoping that this would actually happen.


Morpheus goes Microsoft! :4


Morpheus goes the way of all flesh!


probly a hoax to scare people off it


“probly a hoax to scare people off it” i doubt it. you’d have to have some intelligence to know what this article means and the general public doesn’t posses that knowledge. this secutirty problem has been aroun for quite a while.


so what , i dont really care


chalbing, it’s simple Morheus 2 hasen’t been released yet.