Morpheus application is 'safe'

I just posted the article Morpheus application is ‘safe’.

Altough it seems to be that this article on TheRegister is just a pagefiller, it might be good to know for ‘newbies’ that heard about the spy and adware stories that are going around about the…

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There are many many lame Morpheus users out there. I daily get stupid messages from people who become angry when their download is queued by me for some minutes. But I queue them because uploading more than 4 files at once with only 128 kb/s upstream at all is not great for the downloader. But many people then send me messages like “asshole, let me download that file” and others like this. Why is there no /kick command in Morpheus? :wink:

no_pseudonym: I think there’s a blocking feature in Morpheus if I remember correctly. You should say f*** you, then block them from being able to download from you. :d

People just suck.

i get all kinds of dumb messages. i’m only on a 128kilobit upstream as well. stupid people try to download 3 files off me at once and ask why it won’t go over 5kb/sec.

godamn lamers. i hate it when ppl get free stuff and then complain how slow they get it. Go BUY the FUCKING <product/CD/DVD/whatever> I used to wait 2 days downloading off irc for ISOS. and i DIDNT CARE. geez… maybe they shouldnt be using p2p if they arent happy with a queueing system… :4