Morons! They sent me Pthalocyanine CD-Rs instead of Super Azo

Hmmm had a bit of a bad experience with an online place in Australia that I have had a number of positive experiences with in the past.

I asked them if their verbatim lightscribe were super azo or pthalocyanine CMC crap and they said its super azo - I have already gotten pthalo before and they sucked, so I wanted to make sure with my second purchase of LS CD-R that they were Super Azo.

I purchased them and when I got them, I see this pale green shit called pthalocyanine. Wtf is with that? I email them telling them they sent me CMC not super azo and they said, you can send them back but we can only refund the discs and not the shipping price. So effectively they want me to pay like 20 bucks total to receive nothing - it already cost me 10 bucks shipping and sending back to them is another 10 bucks - therefore I lose 20 for no item? F’ing morons. I just emailed back telling them it was not my fault they sent me incorrect info and the wrong discs, and that not refunding shipping is not really fair. I might send the discs back and then make a really huge order and demand free shipping for the lot.

I’ll see what they say. Very annoyed right now. :a

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Thanks Drage… lol. I don’t know why I didn’t name it that in the first place. Mental blank :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the Mental Blank forum now? :stuck_out_tongue:

I generally don’t trust the seller about things like this unless it’s a really knowledgeable one like Verbatim’s AU site ( shows which of its CD-R products are AZO, so it’s best to go by that. None of the current Verbatim retail CD-R media in the North American packaging is MCC with Azo.

Which site is that?

Not much point telling us that a site is dodgy, but not telling us which one :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s p[B]h[/B]thalocyanine btw :stuck_out_tongue:

And despite phthalocyanines extended life (over cyanine/azo) it still decays in a matter of weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily. For me, CMC CD-R has been good although the quality was not always fully consistant - but in fact I’ve had quite some Indian-made Super Azo being worse.

The site is

I’ve gotten some good stuff from there before and this is their first mistake. I asked if I returned the discs, I could get free shipping on another item. I’ll post what they say here.

I prefer PCX over JPL and Nortsandones since PCX has a far better variety of discs and do specials on bulk buys.

I’d hate for them to be stubborn and not give me what I want in this case because I’ve been a customer for a while now and purchased about 6 or more times off them. If they screw me over I’ll probably just not buy from them again and I’ll let them know about it also. I don’t see why a company would risk bad reputation and loss of customers after they clearly make a fault and all it takes to fix is $10 for them.


I dealt with them once … they screwed up.
They sent me only 1/2 of my order because the rest was on backorder - I called them about it, and they couldn’t provide a straight answer. They called me back & wouldn’t send the second 1/2 unless I paid additional P&H for it. I ended up requesting a credit for the remainder.

End of dealings.

Which particular Verbatim CD-R media did you buy?

Verbatim Lightscribe version 1.2 media.

@ debro - that sucks. It’s going to be end of dealings for me also if they screw me over.