Moron with Rewriting problems

Hi people,First I apologise if my problem has already been covered. I have read through and there are a few threads that may relate to my problem however I am not very good with computer terminology, so please forgive me if I am an repeating topics :doh:
I am having CD rewriting problems.I have Xp home edition with the patches and my CDrewriter is Cyberdrive 16 12 40.I used to be able to burn mp3s without a problem, either as a CD or as a data/mp3 disc.I use Nero 5.5 and have used windows by itself for data /mp3.
Firstly the CDrewriter drive will only recognise a data disc when it feels like it.If I turn the PC on with a disc in it often works.
Secondly I don’t seem to be able to burn anything properly.Nero tells me the job is done,although it tells me it does not support the format first.I updated the Real player which changed the logo on my MP3s.I am not sure if this is when the problem started.I also ran a trial of Nero 6 for awhile that has been removed.
I hope somebody can make some sense of my problems.Help would be very much appreciated. :smiley:

difficult to say exactly what is the cause. many things can be responsible for the trouble you are having. try

Thank you for your reply.I have had a look at that site but it is a tad confusing.I am being very honest when I say i know very little about these matters,I am trying to learn.
I know my CDWR is a cyberdrive CW038D.I can give a bit more info about my problem.When I try a MP3burn to a disc using nero,the program goes through the motions as it used to, but the CD comes out blank.When I try the same task using windows the CD is not blank but highly corrupted e.g. no sound and it registers 1 long track.
Maybe I should get an expert in??.I am stubborn though,I love to solve things without paying someone who may be bogus anyway.

sounds like you just need to update some drivers…

When you say the CD comes out all corrupted, no sound and one long track, what were you checking it with?

For MP3s did you chose “DATA” and for Music “MUSIC”…Should be straight forward if you did…Have you Installed the ASPI Drivers 4.60…If you are Ripping a Music CD then use “EAC” (exact Audio copy) or “Easy CD-DA Extractor” I find them two to be the best there is…JMHO.

Thank you very much for your replies but I have not solved it yet.I may have worn out hardware so I will find out before wasting anyones time.
Re the driver How can I find that out??.I’m not good with PC’s but if you tell me how I’m not stupid. Please :bow:

It was not the hardware.I bought a new ROM,it is a DVD rom so no real problem I needed to upgrade anyway.However I still have the same problem. :confused:
It all used to work so well :sad:
I can say that if a disc is inserted the icon changes in My Computer to either CD rom or DVD rom or neither if it is blank.However it does not seem to read anything and will not burn anything :a :a
Please somebody :bow: :bow: :bow: ,I’m verging on insanity here(insert axe weilding lunatic here)

Let’s start with the basics…

  1. Make sure that your drives are jumpered properly as Master/Slave, and are in the correct place on the ide cable.
  2. Go into device manager (control panel), and remove both primary and secondary IDE’s, then reboot your pc. Let Windows autodetect the drivers for your devices.
  3. Make sure that you don’t have SONIC DLA or INCD installed on your PC. IF you have them, remove them.
  4. Try again and see if anything works.