Mori Media!

There’s a new brand of premium-quality DVD-R out in Japan now, called “Mori Media.” It is named for Yasuhiro Mori, who is apparently a famous expert on optical media. Among the features touted are stacking rings on top and bottom, pressed using a special “Mori” stamper, and superior resistance to light damage. YSS has confirmed the media code is MXLRG03. Interestingly, though the media is rated at 8x, its recommened to use on drives that support 6x :confused:
More info:

Mori Media is specially tuned for Pioneer and NEC 35xx drives. It is not recommended for Plextor drives…
It is tuned to give perfect results when burnt at 6x with these burners (not normal Maxell MXLRG03 as the normal ones are not specifical tuned to match certain drives).
But these are too expensive lol.

Pioneer drives seem to do well enough with the regular MXLRG03 burned at 8x, in my opinion.


Yes the normal do well enough with Pioneer from what Ive seen and heard.
I dont see a great demand for these Mori Media.