More WSES stuff

I see discussion of setting the read speed in WSES. I’m seeing a speed setting in the final test window, it is at 99 by default. Am I supposed to lower this? Seems to me that the drive should run at it’s max speed, which 99 would do.
What are others doing with this? also, I don’t see any settings for CLV/CAV.
Any input appreciated, this is a perplexing little program!

I just leave it where it is… :cool: It scans faster that way. Plus, if you have a disc that’s marginal, it would be easier to catch when attempting to read it at full speed. (If you have to slow down to read it, it’s almost guaranteed to have issues with normal CD players)

If you wanted more accurate results, you could slow it down… but remember, this is a Lite-On, not a CD-CATS. :bigsmile:

…somebody really needs to port this to Windows. :slight_smile:

Don’t all Smart-enabled CD drives automatically slow for those errors? Seems that WSES just blows right over them, not like a regular drive. Still, they are there. But I was under the impression that the errors are expected at these speeds, it’s the way the new drives handle errors that makes these speeds possible… Or am I mistaken?

Well I for my part get completely off-the-wall results when read speed is set at normal. Even my best disks show tons of C1 and C2 errors, and my originals even more so.

Using a 40125S overclocked to a VS06 48125W, Abit BH6 Motherboard, 103MHz FSB, PC100 memory, Burner on Secondary Master, DMA 2 (UDMA 33). Weird thing I noticed, it says my hard drive is set as PIO4, unlike what is detecetd during boot (UDMA33 LBA). Hmmm… :confused:

My best read speed seems to be 16X just like with alexnoe. 8X doesn’t give much better results, 40X gives quite a few more errors but max (48X) gives results that are completly off-the-wall compared to what I get using CD-Speed at the same speed setting.

I wish I could find some more info on the inner workings of this program so I could figure out exactly what happens on the hardware level…

I usually get very acceptable results set at 40x read. But at max speed, the disc has to be burned at 8x to get reasonable results.!!:confused:

I’ll make a few more tests with different firmware and burning speeds and post my results on the forum but not before the weekend at the earliest as I’ll be neck deep in work for next 5 to 7 days…:eek: