More Windows Media Player Help! PLEASE! I can't watch something!

HEy. I have an AVI video…but Idk why it wont play on Windows Media Player, because I downloaded this divX Decorder…but it still only gives me the audio…HELP ME PLEASE!!! Is there somewhere where I can get a Codec??


Thanks! But I got a program that works &Plays it on Windows Media!!

Their Mega Codec Pack has about 50 video and audio codecs which should include the one you are missing. I’ve yet to encounter a media file that its set of codecs can’t play in Windows Media Player.

This is one of the best free tools when trying to determine which audio and video codecs were used to encode your video.
Just click on the hotlink to get to the site where you can get it.
It saves a lot of hit and miss.

Installing a codec like DivX or XviD means it should play in any media player on your system. If it’s anything other than those two, I’d be surprised.