More Toys for TCAS: Antec P180 case for $49.99 shipped AR @

nice and elegant looking case, nice cable/cooling management

that is a nice case. and with a nice price right now. but i recently purchased the Antec 900 case. and other than some bad cabling, i really like it. didnt want a door on the case anymore. 4 x 120MM and 1 x 200MM fans make for some decent cooling as well. thnx tho.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

this case is awesome, many fans in it, all my components are running cool. I like the 5.25" bay for optical drive, easy to slide in and out, good for cdfreakers in here who have many burners and need to remove/install them fast, as easy as clip on and clip off. Also the hard drive or 3.5 bays, the whole compartment can be removed, easy for unplugging and removing. I highly recommend this case.

It says not found?

Did last night also. Guess the deal is off :bigsmile:

you guys are too slow, TCAS bought all