More than one Software Iso's on One DVD

Hi, my question is that I have two to four software iso’s on my computer, all around 500mb I was wondering if there was a way I could burn them all onto one DVD, but still all working when I pop the DVD in that it asks me which setup.exe or whatever to run? The only DVD’s I have available are DVD-R

Here you find the same problem and the posts are quite recent:

It seems you only can get it with workaround solutions, like a virtual drive to expand and run the image you want use or following the solution found by the link’s post author.
By some reason DVD’s that come with Linux software use to bring only one autorun distribution, besides some carry 3 and 4 ISO images for you to burn to a disk and run.

You can search for and to have a look at a package called MagicISO, as it seems to promise to do multi boot DVDs…who knows…? But for the mom the infos seem not in favour of the possibility you’re looking for.

Hey, thanks for the link, it really helped, I understand it all, I’m not an average user, but I decided it would just be good to burn them all on separate DVD’s because one is a Vista CD and another is XP, and I’d need to boot them and i wouldn;t want to take the chance of there being a error, thanks for your help again, JateDawg.

wise decision,
take care