More than one burning program

I bought a new computer that came with roxio on it and I still have my disc for nero 6. Can I put both these programs on my computer without any conflict problems? Thanks


You shouldn’t have any real problems so long as you don’t install both packet writing programs included as part of the suites. That’s a definite no-no. (Better still, don’t use packet writing at all. ;))

Pocket writing is nothing but trouble you should stay awy from it if you can.

To elaborate on the above posts. Don’t install Roxio’s DirectCD or DragToDisk (not sure when the name changed) and Nero’s InCD together.

If you want the dragging/dropping functionality then go with the Roxio version as it’s actually not bad at all and , in my experience, causes little in the way of problems. Nero’s InCD is something I’d never install on my systems.