More Surge Protection?



Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here is the problem i am encountering…

Im looking to buy a new bigger HDTV but I recently just moved into a new house (built 1985) from an apt. So i know have more space for a bigger one, but i’ve noticed something the other day. Whenever i watch a dvd, i get a shock/surge like line shooting across my screen whenever my water cooler kicks on in my kitchen. I also noticed last night that turning off my kitchen light also triggers this same action as well.

Now, here is the weird thing. It ONLY happens when i watch a dvd. When i am watching my digital cable its fine. Its ONLY when im watching a dvd. I have a surge protector on the outlet that i am using and had the dvd player plugged directly into it as well as the rest of my equipment. I also tried running the dvd player thru my receiver as well and it still happened… any ideas what would cause this and how do i fix it? Better surge protector, shotty wiring in the house, etc come to mind.

Like i said I want to buy a new tv, but these lines that fire across the screen are actually burning into my set sometimes… and the last thing i want to do to is fark up a brand new lcd tv with these surges on the screen…

thanks for any suggestions and help in advance!


A new DVD player might fix it, or a new TV. Electronics like players are supposed to be able to deal with this type of interference. My guess is that your DVD player is connected to TV with analog connects, like composite, Svideo or component cables. One of these could also be the source of the interference, as can cable/antenna connects. Start by replacing the cable that connects the DVD to the TV, and move upstream from there. Hate to say it, but the TV itself could be the problem, so if you have cable or antenna connected to it, remove that and/or replace those cables. So disconnect everything except the DVD from the TV and see if it still does it.
Anyway, it’s prolly radio frequency interference.


Start looking at Surge/ Power Conditioners and protect your equipment.

Ultimately what one would do would be to put a Surge/ Power Conditioner in the breaker box of the house, but it can get pricey.



ok, im gonna try to replace the cable out this weekend and see where it leads me… someone else suggested it might be shotty wiring in the house itself (1985 house). I think it MIGHT be the cable only because it ONLY happens to the DVD player and nothing else.

I DID try replacing the dvd player unintentionally (i bought a new one without thinking it could be that) and it still does it. Its hooked up thru component cables but so is my digital cable but with no interference. So i think im gonna switch those two cables out and see if it does it to the opposite… then i can isolate it as the cable itself…

if its still ONLY the dvd player screwing up, then what? i already have a surge protector running… pretty good one i think too…can you explain a “Power Conditioner” and maybe send me a link to one?

also, i DO have RF wireless headphones plugged in to my receiver, but i had them plugged in at my old apt too and there was never an issue… maybe i’ll try unplugging those too… thanks for the suggestions… i’ll let you know what i find…


ok, so heres the latest. i switched out the dvd cable with another one i had and it still did it (not as much tho it seemed)… BUT, when i switched the digital cable and dvd cables, it didnt do it at all… so, was it just another bad cable or what? i guess i need to go out just buy a new cable to check it out again… any other suggestions? thanks


well, i finally tried another cable (a big momma one from sam’s club) and it still had the interference… BUT i tried removing my HD switcher and low and behold, the problem went away (or at least it looks like it did-it could have been coincidence i guess)… anyway, i guess im glad its not the electrical in the house (which is wierd since i didnt have this problem in the old apartment). AND the only reason im using this switcher now is because i dont have an HDMI port on my tv and i need 3 components inputs (i only have 2 tho)… BUT when i finally buy my new tv i shouldn’t have this problem since that will have at least 1 hmdi for my dvd leaving the components for my 360 and digi cable… so, everything is cool i guess… thanks for all the help and suggestions… i really appreciate the help!