More sofware being added to audio cds

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After adding video clips to audio cd`s the record companies will now add more software on their CDs in the battle against piracy. Now that’s all nice but if lowering their prices(specially in Europe)…

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They all need to start using their brains. Downloading music video’s off of the net is still a big pain in the ass and I personally quite like the music video’s. Especially on things like singles where there is a LOT of spare disc space it should be standard practise to include the video footage as well. It wont cost them any extra and it just gives a little extra value for the stupidly high price. They should all put more things like music video’s onto the CD’s. Only a FEW do it right now.

Quote - ‘as the record companies start exploring ways to revitalize and protect their flagging CD business’ - Why not improve da fuckin’ music instead of makin’ it for poxy nine year old girls & oh yeah - drop da fuckin’ sky hi prices too . . twats. :4