More software woes

I can’t find my Certificate of Authenticity…for my windows 2003 office professional edition all in one…is there a way i can explore my cd and find it?

i’d hate to be on the phone all day with M$ …just to get a code…

Don’t think this is stored on the CD (for obvious reasons), but itis provided separately in hardcopy (including hologram seal). Sorry

guess i’ll have to …call them and give them my reciept number…and pray they can help me out

If not, perhaps Open Office 2.x could tide you over until you get it resolved? It is free and can save in Office format, I believe.

Sorry for your troubles.

slayerking hooked me up with suse…it has open Office included in it…after all the troubles i’ve had…i’m looking into linux for a change

Open office is available also for windows

You can find it here :slight_smile:

I can’t blame ya. Enjoy Linux. :slight_smile:

BelArc Advisor finds keys too.