More SATA problems. Read those of you with Maxtor 120G DmdPlus 9

OK so are my drives just shit? I ordered them from, they were shipped to me in tremendously pretective packaging by

I’ve tried below on both a K7N2G-ILSR(promise controller) and a A7N8X Deluxe(silicon image)

I have already sent one drive back because it won’t even get recognized. The other drive does get recognized, but if I try a scratch install (including pressing F6 and using SATA driver), and then try to do a NTFS format of the drive, it just hangs there at 0% forever.

None of this is raid btw, I only have one disk. Just trying to get the damn thing to work.

Doing a quick format takes like 2 minutes and I can actually install windows, but corruption quickly ensues. Same thing If I just use a winxp install I laready had on a normal IDE drive. I boot up, installed the driver, could see the drive in disk management. Go to create a partition…fine, go to format, it just hangs there at 0%.
Quick format works fine, but the disk is then extremely unstable.

Anyone else have these problems at all? What could I possibly do to help it WORK? Or is the disk just bad? The other drive was cut and dry, ikt wouldn’t detect, but this one I’m not sure. Since SATA is new I don’t have all my background to provide me intuition.

Thanks in advance.

S-ATA is supposed to work just like P-ATA.