More SafeDisc version 2.51.xx information

I just posted the article More SafeDisc version 2.51.xx information….

Our appreciated Moderator FutureProof has posted some new information regarding the new SafeDisc 2 version 2.51 on our forum:

The latest SD Revision has caused the burning community a bit of…

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God thx, lucky me. I have a PlexWriter 16/10/40. I use usually BlindSuite & CloneCD for backing up protected cds. Plex has proven that it makes lovely burners… :slight_smile:

Of course all of this “Safe disc” stuff assumes that you ever had to BUY the CD in the first place!! :4

What about the Plextor PX-1210S? After all this in only the SCSI version of the PX1210A(IDE)!

Plextor is good. But Lite-on is right with them. I have the lite-on 24102b and have never had a problem with any protection.

What did i say, all troublemakers, because they can´t use clone cd right

Chalbing - what about TAGES . Your Lite-On cant do it !!!

Nope, the settings didn’t work for me and my Plaextor 24X when I was trying Serious Sam SE. Read at 4X from my Plex, and burned at 12X on 24X media. And Hide CD-R media WAS enabled when I was trying to run it. It wouldn’t run in my old 4X Teac, and Samsung DVD

Conorblevins are you sure that the game hasn’t locked your game to your burner, so it is only able to play it in your cdburner instead of any dvd, cd or cd-r device mounted on your pc? I think that was the case with the FIFA game. The FIFA game was locked in the system registry (regedit.exe) if I remember it right. You could try using the cd on another computer, but your story doesn’t tell if you already did that. Maybe someone knows where to look in the system registry?

The original works in all drives, so I don’t think that is what is wrong

But conorblevins did you use either Amplify Weak Sector (AWS in CloneCD) or the new pacthed betablocker? Or did you just make a clean copy without any sort of patching or altering to the copy?

Serious Sam 2 here with liteon 24b no dramas what so ever… plex 40x reader (set at max) and liteon 24x burner(set at max)

It was not patched. I done as the article suggested and it didn’t help. I have already made a copy using the new Betablocker though, but I didn’t buy a Plextor to burn patched images :frowning:

There is an article in the forum: G@M3FR3@K says that one should not both use AWS and betablocker. If one uses the new betablocker, then AWS should be turned OFF in Clone CD But does blindread/write do a better job? E.g by using SAO-RAW instead of using DAO-RAW, since SAO-RAW gives better contrast to the copy, so it is easier to read for a cd device. In a forum (cdrinfo or cdfreaks) there was a guy with a Plextor that mailed Plextor. Plextors customer support said (i think i remember) that clone cd is not fully compliant with some of the EMC (?) commands, but Blindread/write should be. Could anyone help out on this issue? Well someone should write Plextor with a detailed explanation! I dont have either of the new games with SD2.51.xx. But hopefully Plextor makes some new firmware. But try blindread/write and then maybe use SAO-RAW and maybe look in this FAQ: … And then hopefully SD2 is beaten again :slight_smile:

Plextor will never openly admit to support backing-up of protected discs nor would any other company. Simple as that. Mailing the tech department won’t give you an explanation. The Plextor’s are fully supported by CloneCD except it can’t simulate writing. That’s it.

There is something that puzzles me… You all say that SD2 works on the problem of burner doing incorrect EFM encoding. If I recall, the Plextor 24x is suppose to do this correctly, so shouldn’t need AWS or Betablocker. Can someone explain?

I have a Lite-On 24102B and i cant get safedisc v2.51 to work, ive tested the image with Daemon tools and it works (simulation is off) On my read of it, Ive done retries 0,2 & 3. dont know where ive gone wrong.

:wink: Silly me, for this to work for me, I found out the follow. I was trying to copy MOHAA and every single copy worked. I just didnt realise it. It must use ATIP with sd2 cause when I ticked Hide CDR Media in CloneCD Tray, it worked fine.