More RAM = Faster burn time?

Does anyone know if I installed more RAM into my computer that I would get a faster burn time? Thanks in advance.


Depends on how much you have right now.

You may have faster encoding/trancoding times depending on your processor as well. Burn times should not vary significantly when burning the same size files, movies, etc; providing that your burners are running in the right DMA mode.

More RAM does help in O/S operations but for burning I dont know…but also for faster process CPU go 2x your current CPU speed to give yourself faster speed i.e. like 1.8Ghz–>3.6Ghz. Burner operation depends on how much RAM does the burner have and does it have burn proof? RAM, I would recommand if you can afford it go to 1G of RAM, and CPU to close to 3Ghz. That should improve your computer process for everyday applications. But also true the more RAM you have the more applications you can run.

short answer: no. not enough to make it worth upgrading to be honest. If you have 512 then a gig might make your system run smoother, but I doubt it will do much for burn times.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all the help. When I selected the 12x write speed, my average speed was 9.96x. So, I figure I’ll purchase a BenQ 1670 or an LG 18x. Which do you guys think is better in terms of quality writing, speed, and quality scan performance? They’re pretty much around the same price so I figure I’ll take the Pioneer DVR-111D (less than a month old) out and replace it with the new drive. I figure whenever I get around to building a duplicator, I can use the Pioneer in that. Some other folks were telling me that the 111D is a little slow, but it has excellent write quality. What youse guys opinions on the matter? Please help educate a poor newbie… smile


That average speed is about right for a 12x burn, so I don’t know why that concerns you.

The 12x speed (or any selected speed above 4x) is not effective from the start of a burn (on any burner) as it starts at probably 4x or 6x and progressively ramps the speed up.