More Problems

Hey Guys -
Have a Lite-on 5006
Had a problem a while back (I guess it was common as others were complaining) When backing up my old Video 8mm from my camera through AV1.
if I just set it to go and start copying I would get the dreaded ‘stopping’ error!

I was able to find a work around by using the timer and setting it for 1:59 minutes (for SP) and then starting my tape rolling.

This was working for a while but then my camera died and I was out of commision for a bit.
I borrowed someone’s camera and set out to start copying again.
This time I came back to the disc after it had finished. The DVD was off as it was set to timer and shuts off aftward. No errors.
I went to view the disc and the damn thing doesn’t recognize it as a disc.
No error…no bad disc…it just says “no disc” when I try to play it back.
I tried to put it on my PC’s internal DVD burner\player to maybe extract the info but that doesn’t see it either. Amazing! :a

I am using Maxell DVD-R which I’ve burned dozens of discs on no problem.

Any suggestions as to what the heck is going on.


Nearly the same thing happened to me on the 5005. Forget the brand now “but” machine worked fine for 3-4 dozen burns, then it stopped recognizing the disks. Sent unit in for warranty repair and was told it was a calibration error.

Before I sent it in for repair, I noticed the unit still prefered certain brands of media over others until it started getting worse and worse.

So, I think it needs repairing or you need to find a compatible brand of media. TY works very well for me. Best of luck.