More problems with DRU-710A

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-710A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I have problems writing DVD on Sony DRU-710A. The original problem/post is posted here:

I have followed the advice found there, burn at a speed equal/greater than 8x, and use ImgBurn. Now I have more problems.

With Nero 8.0.3 and DeepBurner, burning at 8/12x will result a write error after writing approx 450mb. With ImgBurn, life is more painful. Here are a list of problems reported by ImgBurn burning at 8/12/16x, each occured randomly:

Error #1

I 20:06:28 Writing LeadIn...
W 20:07:44 Failed to Write Sectors 0 - 31 - Reason: Write Error
W 20:07:44 Retrying (1 of 20)...
W 20:07:45 Retry Failed - Reason: Power Calibration Area Error

Error #2

W 20:18:08 Failed to Write Sectors 2086144 - 2086175 - Reason: Write Error
W 20:18:08 Retrying (1 of 20)...
W 20:18:08 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write

Error #3

I 19:22:42 Finalising Disc...
W 19:23:39 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (84%, 0/3) - Session Fixation Error Writing Lead Out
W 19:23:39 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Session Fixation Error Writing Lead Out

With error #2, the indicated write sectors is random, but usually above 2000000, although error with lower sectors is known to happen.

Burning with 6x speed, which I usually do before, and have an uneventful burning session albeit the result was questionable, is now I/O error prone. All this after installing ImgBurn.

I have restocked my Verbatim DVD+R 16x media, and to date I only succeeded in burning 1 readable DVD out of 10. The other 9 is unreadable and encountered the listed problems. I restarted WinXP after each error.

Here’s my system:

[li]PentiumD 3Ghz
[/li][li]MSI 945P Neo3 - i945 chipset
[/li][li]DigitalAlliance 7200 - NVidia 7200 chipset
[/li][li]2GB Corsair Xms2
[/li][li]Seagate ST3160211AS 160GB SATA
[/li][li]Samsung TSSTcorp SH-D162C DVD-ROM on IDE Master (firmware: TS05)
[/li][li]Sony DRU-710A DVD-RW on IDE Slave (firmware: BY03)

OS: WinXP Professional N Service Pack 2

Burning software:

[/li][li]Nero Burning ROM 8.0.3
[/li][li]UltraISO PE (occasionally)

Media: Verbatim DVD+R

Apps running on background:

[li]LiteStep 0.24.8 RC1 Desktop Environment
[/li][li]BitDefender 10 Free (Passive mode) (on systray)
[/li][li]Agnitum Outpost FireWall Pro 3.0.543.5722 (431) (on systray)
[/li][li]WordWeb Pro 5.1 (on systray)
[/li][li]Total Commander 6.55
[/li][li]4NT 6.00

Please help


Just a thought: what IDE drivers do you have installed in your computer?

Nvidia drivers are known to cause problems (not all versions, but often users complained about nvidia IDE drivers in general).

To clarify, I’m not talking about the chipset drivers, that are needed for the mainboard to work correctly, but only to the IDE part of these drivers, that can be uninstalled with no problems. Once uninstalled the IDE drivers, windows will ask for a reboot, and after the reboot windows should automatically install the standard microsoft IDE drivers.

Most of times this solve a lot of issues.

I suggest to make a backup of your system before to do this, just to be sure :slight_smile:

Well, I’m using i945 chipset, so I’m using Intel InfUpdate v8.0.1.1002. In device manager, the primary & secondary IDE is listed using “MS Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”.