More problems with btc-1004

i was having a problem reading ritek 4xdvd-r and decided to update firmware from 0040 to 47.halfway thru pc crashed and now the drive wont even power it now shot or is there anything i can do with it???.oh and try not to say bin it as i hate throwing stuff away…

you can try to recover the drive via DOS flashing

This should also work for you

thanks man ill have a read of that,cheers.

even tho the drive is dead is this still possible.

it’s not a must but you have a good chance.

h3rb3i im not really sure about how to do this but ive nothing to lose so its got to be worth a try,only problem is when i connect the drive to the primary slave(as it was when disaster hit)i boot the pc and drive says none on pri slave but it also takes out the pri master,my c this how it should be.if i take drive off pri slave pri master comes back.thanks for your help man…mike

ok, I’ll try to explain it again.

[ul][li]shut down the PC
[/li][li]disconnect the BTC drive (only the IDE cable not the power supply)
[/li][li]connect another CD/DVD-ROM and make sure that it is set to slave too (jumper on the back side of the drive)
[/li][li]Boot up your PC into DOS using a DOS bootdisc
[/li][li]disconnect the CD/DVD-ROM
[/li][li]connect the BTC drive
[/li][li]flash the drive

this should normally work for you. Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

good luck

PS. one suggestion, connect the optical drives to your secondary IDE channel, HDD and optical on the same IDE channel often have problems.

will this work using an ide controller card or do i need to use the ide channels on the m/board

hmm, a good question which I can’t answer. I would use the motherboard ones, just to be save :wink:

ok will do,just tried to extact btc1004im_v0251-hex to a floppy but its to big to fit on wil put on cdrw disc as i have extracted to c drive but i cant find them as not very experienced with dos.hey man really big thanks for helping me

ok h3rb3i ive tried it with the v0251 hex and i stopped at updating… 00% err:fail to open input file!.the v0151 hex failed to even get to the updating part and just kept the curser flashing.any ideas???

ok, then. You said that you will write the files onto a cdrw. Consider that you can’t flash from the BTC drive because it’s not recognised. Booting with another CD/DVD-ROM connected is just necessary to load the IDE drivers in DOS.
The flash via CDRW will just work when you flash from a working CD/DVD-ROM.

You can also try to leave the files on your C: drive and flash from there, just follow the instructions from the DOS flash guide.

sorry man i should of said,on the second ide channel i have a dvd rom as master and a cdrw as just trying the btc on second ide as a master and nothing as slave.

h3rb3i,ive tried it as master and slave on its own ide cable and it keeps coming back with the updatin 00% err:fail to open input file.what is this input file?.is this because im putting the flash files on cd?..

hey man it works.thanks h3rb3i it is working now with the 0151 you think i shoul leave it as it is or try flashing the firmware to 0047 as i was doing when it crashed and has it worked this time because it was flashed off the hdd…thanks man

good to hear that it worked ;). 0151 is newer than 0047, so I would stay with 0151. If you want, then flash to 0251 but if you have no probs with 0151 then let it as it is.

/edit: I know why it hasn’t worked with 0251. It was my fault (a error in the command file :().

Should be fixed now

hey h3rb3i i think i may of been a bit premature in saying all is now ok,problem now been it wont see blank dvd media or audio cd.ive been thru some of the firmware(0040,0043 0047 0151)and same problem with all of them.any ideas of what i can try next…

hmm, your drive is maybe dead now. Firmware versions before 0043 forced some drives to die, this probably also happend with your drive now. Can you try the drive in an other pc, just to be sure that it isn’t a softwareproblem?

On the other hand, the 1004 is a quiet old drive and you can get really good 16x writers for €40 now.

yes i know the drive is old now and i dont really need it as im usin a pioneer now,just thought i may be able to fix it.listen man thanks for all your help…