More problems with binfiles



I cant burn or extract to binfiles. The cachememory of the burner (HP 9500) is instantly drained and I get a buffer underrun. When I try to extract to a binfile I just get an error message. I can still burn other kinds of cds, its just bin files that doesnt work. I really need help with this before I kill myself…


You should have posted this in your other topic, for this problem is very much related to the one in your previous topic… (but since your other problem is solved, I will close that topic so people can concentrate on this one now)

But it is very weird that this problem only exists with bin files. Does this even occur in CDRwin or Fireburner when not burning a bin file? (you said this doesn’t happen with non bin files, but what I couldn’t make out was whether you are then using a different burn program)


I used Nero and Winoncd without problems.


I found a workaround: I am now using Daemon tools to use the binfile as a virtual cdrom. I can then cdcopy it and burn it. Thanks for your time.