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Where is the upload option? For scans?

Upload scans in this forum?

You only need to drag´n´drop the scan-file from explorer to the text box

What happened to the attachments option? I want to upload cd quality

Here are the scans.

I saved this from the retail box: 8x CD-R Burning Speed/Supports reduced 8x burning speed for CD-R. This unique quality allows the drive to provide greater Audio Recording Quality and increases the high fidelity clarity, which is great for the music enthusiast.

This sounds like a selling point to me. I burned quite a few CD-R’s at the what I call ‘The Magic 8x Speed’. The discs didn’t sound to me like audiophile grade to me. While burning at 8x does provide a more stable burn across the disc, I don’t think it will somehow transform it into something else. The discs didn’t sound any different to my ears.

Less error-rate means better quality of the burn but I don´t think anyone will hear a difference as long as it don´t have very high error-rate

I remember when I start CD-burning that some CD-players, especially in cars, had problems to read faster burned Audio-CDs.

But this was long time ago and I doubt it will be better quality if a 52x CD-R will burned 4x or less in an 48x/52x-writer.

And only some actual DVD-writers will allow less than 16x on CD-R, I think only the drives with Vinpower-FW (Plextor SAF, Optiarc) will do 8x on some CD-Rs

With each new type of optical media (CD - DVD - BD) optical drives have devoted less and less space in the firmware for optimized write strategies for the previous generation. It is quite common now for a BD writer to offer only a single write speed for CD on some media. This is a niche that Vinpower is thankfully filling with their own customized firmwares.

Choosing a speed for CD burning seems something of a hit-or-miss experience. I still follow the old wisdom to burn conservatively at a lower speed (well, at least one increment lower than the maximum permitted). This is especially useful with crappy modern media whose speed ratings are probably grossly over-rated. In my experience the optimal speed for burning CDs to be played on finicky audio players (e.g. cars) is 4X. This is why I still hold onto (yay, even collect more) the classic Plextor burners especially the Premium and 760A.

Counterbalancing this is the old wisdom also, that the rotational speed of spindle motors in optical drives tends to be most stable at higher revs. If your burner is especially affected by this, (there was a generation of PATA Lite-On DVD burners that burned audio CD’s very poorly because of this) the possibility exists that low-speed burning paradoxically produces more jitter which would definitely affect CD playback and could even be audible without affecting outright readability.

Well…it doesn’t really matter because the Plextor drive failed and it has been removed from my tower. I seriously doubt that I will ever have another Plextor drive based on my experiences with 2 Plextor drives so far.

The (rebranded LiteOn) PX891SAF’s are not true Plextor drives; Plextor has been out of the optical drive business for quite a while and sold the naming rights to Vinpower Digital. I use the classic Plextor drives which had a solid reputation as reliable workhorses.

I see, that explains a lot. Thanks!

Most drives, yes.

But I´m often surprised if I try to use older media with a Pioneer BDR, it´s mostly better than what actual DVD-writers do

Over the years I’d always been impressed with (“real”) Pioneer drives as burners. Shame they’ve essentially exited the business as a manufacturer, save for a handful of full size BD drives.

IMHO the last real Pioneer DVD-R-drives 216 and 217 were much more worse than the BD-R-drives. Even the QSI-Pioneers 218-221L could do betther with some media than the 216 and 217

So what Pioneer drive would you recommend?

If you still want a dvd-rw i would go for the DVR-215.

Thank you for the info.

But you need luck to get a good drive of this age

If you mean going the ‘used’ route, no thanks.

Finding new, old stock of such an ancient product would be a major challenge. But you never know, on eBay…

My spare Plextor Premium CD burner came from an industrial entity that had installed it into some diagnostic device. The Plextor was used to load its programming at the time of delivery, and never used since. When the equipment died, the Plextor was removed and put up for sale at a price not reflecting its rarity. It was in pretty much “as new” condtion except for the layer of dust on the faceplate (which, true to its industrial market niche did not even have the brand logo on the faceplate). It works perfectly.