More Plextor 40x news

I just posted the article More Plextor 40x news.

Remember a while ago our news-item about the Plex 40x? No? Please read this first then.

Plextor PX-W4012TS has been spotted at Japan. The drive’s initial retail price was expected around…

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Plextor Are Simply The Best Writers I’m Looking Forward To This One :slight_smile:

I’ve been hoping they’d make another scsi writer. I dont want to use anything else, mainly because i dont have any free ide slots though :4

My drive is the 124TSi and it’s SCSI. If they’re using the same naming then this is SCSI and Plextor rule because now this will be the drive I buy when I get myself a new burner. As long as they keep this one on the market I’m gonna love em. :slight_smile:

Sorry to kill your hopes and dreams but if U follow the sources down to the sender U can see that it is an ATAPI drive. So no SCSI this time. :frowning: Look here :

Yeah look at the pics in the real article at akiba hotline. It plainly says ATAPI and PX-W4012TA. So much for someones translation.

Just check out the website It’s all there. :4

yeah, a 40x scsi drive would be too good to be true :frowning:

plextor rocks!! but I think that 40x is too fast for a burner. Think about it, In order to have these high speeds the dye needs to be more volitile so more errors are created, and the cd becomes less readable. The disc also becomes more sensitive to different forms of light. The differece in time needed to burn a cd at 24x and 40x is insignificant (really when do you really need to burn a cd in 2 minutes instead of 4). So stop the INSANITY, keep burner speeds sensible so we can avoid making the media crapper. hell that wasn’t my two cents it was worth at least two dollars.

I think its about time Plextor released a new firmware for the 121032s & the UltrapleX 40MAX :4 Greets from The Diplomat :8

right on interceptor!