More Pioneer DVR-110D problems

I just installed a DVR-110D in my machine. Machine’s a 2.5 gig Celeron. I have an NEC 3520 as master which runs UDMA mode 2, The Pioneer is set as slave and it runs UDMA mode 4. The NEC burns fine at any speed. The Pioneer, at anything above 8X, starts draining and filling the device buffer from 0 % to 95 % and back to 0 % as soon as it passes the 8X mark. This happens with CMC 12x and Taiyo Yuden 12x dvd-r discs. I don’t have any 12x dvd+r’s If I record at 8x, as soon as it hits the 8x mark the buffer keeps dropping an the speed drops to 7.5 then back to 8x. It constantly does this AT 8X. IS THIS FREAKIN DRIVE JUNK ??? I have a brand new 80 wire IDE cable on the drives, The hard drive is freshly defraged and the NEC is working fine.

Thanks again

Such media doesn’t exist, at least I’ve never seen them as 12x rated.

Connect the Pio 110 as MASTER, anyway.

The drive has to shift up the speed when burning faster than 8x because of the used write-method, as explained in this forum often before…
Because of that, the buffer is emtied and filled up again.

I meant to say the buffer keeps going up and down continuously once the drive hits 8x, not just once as it’s going to 8x. I just don’t want to be stuck with a bad drive.

The discs are 8x rated but the pioneer and my nec drives see them as 12x. My NEC’s burn them without any problems at 12x consistantly. They scan good and play perfectly on my set top players. Is my problem stemming from the fact that even though these discs are seen as 12x discs they are actually only rated at 8x ???


Chef, what is the difference between master and slave? I have a 110D connected as Primary slave and it seems to work fine (a Plextor Premium is the Primary master). Will the master/slave connection make a difference at high writing speeds?

Essentially the master provides termination of the signal, so running a lone drive as master or moving it to the master position when it is slaved to another drive are always good ways of isolating problems. Manufacturers usually recommend drives be flashed with firmware updates in that position as well for the same reason–it minimizes compatability issues as it reduces its reliance on other devices to control termination of signals. Often when drives are acting up in a master-slave setting, simply swapping the position of the master-slave jumpers solves the problem as it change the roles of the drives in terms of signal termination.


The reason your media is shown as 12x when it is actually 8x is that the media codes of those discs are generally excellent quality, so your drive’s firmware is allowing you to burn them at 12x (known as overspeed burning). Unfortunately, your batches may not be ideal specimens and it could cause issues burning at 12x (these drives constantly monitor burn quality, and could possibly be trying to adapt for high error levels). Your media codes are likely TYG02 and CMC AE1.

As I was describing above, you could try swapping the master-slave jumpers as well and see if the problem goes away. I have seen issues like this with other burners with mixed brands of drives on the same cable.

Like cbjwthwm explained, the OPC seems to kick in to adjust the burning quality to the best possible.

8X is good! Be happy!