More people in China die from WoW

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Whats the matter with these people?!

Ouch, that’s terrible, how exactly did she die? I play that game, but not to such huge extents.

Makes me worry about the hours I play games for. Sometimes if the game is good 3 odd days solid playing.

I mean, WTF?!? Are these people not eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom? What the fck is wrong with them? It’s a fcking game! Now, I play Final Fantasy XI Online, but when I get sleepy…I STOP PLAYING AND GO TO SLEEP! What a concept! Oh, and when I get hungry…I EAT! These people have to be wrong in the head to ignore what their body is telling them just to keep playing a video game. This stuff just pisses me off, because then you get the idiots who’ve never picked up a controller spouting off garbage about how dangerous games are, and that they should be restricted or banned, yada yada. :a All just because some stupid people didn’t want to stop playing for a few hours to stay alive… It boggles the mind! :doh:

bah i remember the rumor about some1 died playing Diablo 2 … log ago …
story likes to replay …

sade =/

It’s a shame that the game does become the ONLY feature in these peoples lives (to the point where food is not an issue).

did she die of starvation or just fatigue?

Is the inquirer a serious site, or is it the online equivalent of a tabloid?