More people cut off cable TV, but what's to blame?

More people cut off cable TV, but what’s to blame?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Time Warner Cable and Cablevision are the latest service providers to lose subscriber numbers as consumers continue cord cutting for economic and practical purposes.  Providers and analysts are looking to better evaluate the market to try and understand why customers want to end their subscriptions -- and what it will take to bring them back.

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Do you think the arrogance of the Cable co’s might have something to do with cable cutting? Perhaps the 200 channels of “Junk, Garbage, Crap and Something Far Worse” might also be a factor?

Sadly in Canada we have but 2 Monopolies, Shaw in the West and Rodgers in the East. They charge what they want when they want customer opinion be damned.

The massively expensive Cable & Satellite TV service bills are what’s to blame. People are sick of paying a huge bill without having the ability to choose only the channels they’re interested in. If I could pay per channel, I might just subscribe to the cable TV channels that I want.

They over charge for everything and recently many of them encrypted almost all of the formerly included channels with expanded basic cable. That means that now you have to use their box to get channels you used to be able to tune with ANY tuner that had clear QAM built in. They claimed it was a “upgrade” and the government forced them to do it:rolleyes:
It was and is a cash grab by forcing the cheap users to now have to use their boxes, which means many will now be forced to rent a box, then they hope you’ll buy pay per view or get mad at the crappy non HD you get with the “free” boxes and upgrade to HD which makes them even more money, or go with their DVR service, even more money.
I used to be able to record and watch EVERYTHING that my extended basic cable provided, the locals even in HD, now I have to use their box to do what I used to do for no extra cost and without any of their gear.
I finally did upgrade to full HD becuase even with their extra fees they don’t tell you about my cost would go down quite a bit to get HD TV, phone, and the net compared to having some of it from other providers.
I doubt that ala cart will actually end up costing consumers less becuase then they will just make sure all the popular channels are in a upgrade tier, and only the locals and shopping channels will be on the basic service.

Very basic cable (nestled in the toes of the Puget Sound too much multipath for OTA) and NetFlix here. Hulu, CBS, Boxee, Zinc TV, Vimeo, YouTube…Thousands of channels, most ‘on demand’…

Price is main cause if I didn’t have the package deal-that’s tv,phone and internet i would consider not having it, basicly the cable doesn’t offer a hole lot.Now pay per channel would be the way to for what you use because how many channels do you ready watch or need.

I’m getting ready to return my Time Warner cable box. I recently got Netflix and am quite happy with it.

Tired of paying $200/month for crappy channels.

If I want a tv program in HD I download it off the internet and then watch it on my PS3. No need for cable here.

Only thing I really miss is the sports channels in HD. If I could get just that, and not everything else I’d go back to cable or whatever.

I remember when we had some friends visit from the US last year, they were shocked that we could pick up over 100 free to air channels on satellite (besides shopping, foreign & religious), including several (BBC 1, 2, etc.) no commercials, the rest with fewer ads than on US channels and also a few HD channels. They were even fascinated that I could record something to USB and play it back on my PC using VLC without running into copy protection issues. On the other hand, I’d imagine that this would never have happened had the BBC not gone free to air on satellite several years ago.

Unfortunately, we do lack some of the other services, e.g. there is no Netflix or Hulu in Ireland, so while we do have some free stuff here and less tight DRM measures, we do lack some of the premium and on-demand services available in the US.

I do agree that on-demand TV is going to be the way to go, with the only broadcast TV channels left over being news bulletins and live sport, as well as other items that are better watched live than on-demand. Even still, this stuff could even be streamed live over the Internet. :slight_smile:

The only thing I use Cable TV for is to watch my sports team.

Why blame Netflix? Give me a cable subscription where I’m not forced to take Univision, BET, a crap load of religios channels, home shopping networks, local school tv and Paid Programing 8-10 hours a day on the majority of channels and there might actually be something left worth paying for. Don’t blame Netflix, blame the cable industry that has spent years sliding down the crapper in terms of bang for your buck in video entertainment.

If I could get my live Habs games without cable I would ditch my cable in a heartbeat.

price and so much commercials…thats what why

I blame the Irish. Wait… I’m Irish. :slight_smile:

I cut mine off years ago and only temporarily re-instated it for guests. The problem? Crappy programming at ridiculous prices. I had to pay an extra $20 for the only channel that I wanted and then the program I regularly watched kept being pushed later and later. Give me something worth watching and I’ll pay for it. As it is, most content is garbage meant to numb the mind into utter oblivion. These days, I read stories instead of watching movies or television shows. Has it ever occurred to these people that their product simply sucks? Same goes with the music industry. Their putting out mostly garbage.

Yes, there is the economy as well. The people fortunate enough to retain jobs are doing the work of several workers without the added increase in pay. The lack of expertise in the other areas is causing poor product and poor customer service, which is also contributing to the disillusionment of the public with all the pretty new toys. All those people who were pushed out of their jobs don’t have the money to buy the pretty new toys either.

Aside from economics, this is my issue:

I was preparing to make two purchases…until I found out that the music artists or production company had issues with their music being used on youtube amv’s (which is how I found the artists as I do many others), and the book author forbid fan fiction. If that isn’t a bitchslap to consumers, I don’t know what is. I have since boycotted the entertainment industry in its entirety. Those people who put together those amv’s did us a service by introducing music and video that we may not have otherwise encountered. No, when a fan puts hours into free advertising because they love the art and artists, only to get bitchslapped, you won’t see me out buying the products.

[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2555070]The massively expensive Cable & Satellite TV service bills are what’s to blame. People are sick of paying a huge bill without having the ability to choose only the channels they’re interested in. If I could pay per channel, I might just subscribe to the cable TV channels that I want.[/QUOTE]

You hit the nail on the head. You can find some channels you want in the most basic package but before you know it, you are paying triple digits for 200 channels when you only care about 10-15 of them. The other problem is that they are so overloaded with commercials that sometimes you forget what you are watching. So when you are presented with options such as netflix for a very reasonable flat fee (and an ever growing instant watch library), or hulu for free, etc. then why pay all of that money and hope you find something good on?

I wonder have the cable/satellite providers actually given any decent thought about why people often download the shows or watch programming online. :slight_smile:

If you pay to watch it online, you get exactly what you pay for, usually without ads.

If you go the free legitimate route to watch it online (where available), you get fewer ads than watching it live on cable/satellite TV.

Finally, there is plenty of other cool stuff to watch online. I probably watch more home-made video content on YouTube than what I watch on TV. All you need to do is find several good regular posters. Also, don’t forget about the online media players such as the Roku box. One of my US friends says he watches more stuff streamed on his Roku than on Satellite and cable, again shows that are freely released, such as HD Nation.

Let’s see, crappy shows I don’t want to watch, a monthly bill that is almost as much as a car payment. Pay for a certain speed that never, ever comes close to advertised speeds, horrible 3rd world country customer service, should I continue? I kicked Concrap to the streets, the 10 Mbps speed I was supposed to get never ever got over 6Mbps. Between Netflix, Hulu and others, set top cable boxes are so Betamax. I am in belief that the CEO for concrap must have been an RIAA and MPAA b!tch, who has no touch with reality dealing with normal Americans.

/me would love to get rid of the normal television, but it seems the missus still kinda likes it. I still think our lives would be a lot better if you had to take effort in order to see the shows you like, not just zap around channels.

:(I agree with most of the replies.
While CABLE COMPANIES,such as XFINITY [COMCAST] do have great perks.
After the deals , they over charge to much. Thats the problem. They need
to stop the greed,and care more about keeping their customers.