More or Faster memory?

I have a 754 MB which has a catch 22!

Either i have 1gb running at 200mhz or i can have 2gb running at 166 mhz!

Which would be faster or general give a better overall performance?

I rarely have use for above 1GB memory for usual applications. Having RAM-drive to store IE temp files and such often reduces HDD accesses.

Please give more info. What CPU and MB? How many sticks can you run? What do you currently have and what do you want to do? There’s no question that you will see better performance at the higher FSB.

Check how much memory you’re actually using during whatever program it is you want to go fast (1GB is more than sufficient for running any normal programs, so I’m assuming it’s a game or some other intensive program). Assuming you’re using less than 900 MB or so, then the 1GB is probably faster. If you’re getting up near 1GB, then it’s possible that that the 2GB would be faster when you’re running that program (but that really depends on the memory behavior of the program, which unfortunately is hard to predict…in which case I would just go with the cheaper option). In fact, unless you’re definitely using a lot more than 1GB (say 1.2-1.3 GB total or 900MB in terms of programs that are actively doing something), I’m not sure that the speed difference would be detectable (or worth the cost of buying extra memory).

Thanks for the reply, I already have the memory sitting around doing nothing, so it’s not something i won’t be spending extra cash on. The computer in question is mainly used for gaming so will just see if there’s any noticable performance difference,

Thanks for all you replies

It’s an MSI ne platinumn 754 board with an AMD 64 3700+ cpu. It has 3 slots and the config i have is 1gb stick and x2 512mb sticks

so i can either have 1gb or 2gb or 1.5gb but that would defeat the object!

So not dual channel then?

754 doesnt support dual channel. At the end of the day amount is usually more crucial then speed, especially if your talking timings themselves.

I doubt you would notice any major difference - unless your overclocking.

Overclock your memory and CPU. :iagree: