More 'on the fly' audio cd-r burning questions

After asking why ‘on the fly’ audio cd-r burning is frowned upon, as opposed to burning on the mode that records the entire disc to the hard drive first before burning on, (,) I was told:

“The read drive doesn’t know if it got an accurate read, since it only reads in a single pass ‘on the fly.’”

What I’m wondering is doesn’t the read drive read the source disc in only a single pass even when an audio cd-r is burnt on the copy entire source disc to the hard drive first mode??

note: I am aware that the most accurate way to duplicate audio cd-rs is to rip the source to wav with a secure audio ripper such EAC, but this question applies to the 100+ discs I burnt ‘on the fly’ with Easy CD Creator several years ago (which was set on on the fly burning mode by default)