More on Kazaa and Brilliant Digital Spyware at CNN

I just posted the article More on Kazaa and Brilliant Digital Spyware at CNN.

On we find the recent development on KaZaA and Brilliant Digital. Some time ago we reported that KaZaA comes with software that creates a P2P network that can be used to use your HD space,…

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Alright geezers ! Yeah - this ain’t a bad idea just as long as itz out in the open and everybody knows loud and clear ! Laterz … . :4

Why isn’t government legislating about spyware like it’s legislating about piracy? God only knows… or perhaps the contents of senator Hollings brown envelope. :slight_smile:

They’re not legislating against Spyware because it doesn’t take money out of their pockets, unlike the overinflated figures the RIAA likes to show us about piracy and music on the internet/file sharing networks. They’ll never learn.

you are right, loucipher, they legislate only against things which damage the business, and not those which damage the computers of the people. but out of the mere instinct of self-preservation (and my pc-preservation) I started ad-aware and got this damn brilliant crap from my hard disc. now come on, guys, turn on the time-bomb, it won’t affect me, since the programme isn’t on my harddisc any longer!

Not being content with clagging up the web with their ad crap, they now want personal puters to be part of their scam…I guess if your doin’ the biz you can’t get moralistic can ya…not for me their shite!!!..:7

Someone should make a virus to remove this garbage.

“What if they could use your CPU cycles, bandwidht or HD space and give you credits back,” how long before someone hacks thier credit system …look everyone I have one million credits. I’m gonna buy every cool song and post it for free on the lite version. None of this crap can lead to a good road. George Orwell was off by 18 of years

Why doesn’t someone just make a p2p app, and stop all this complaint about businesses that are trying to turn a profit? business is business, and they have the right to include whatever they want with their software. if you don’t like it, don’t use the software. Use File Miner or some such if its that important.

wrfan is right. just install ad-aware from lavasoft and the problem’s history. now what, kazaa? :stuck_out_tongue: