More on iVue media player featuring Biometric authentication

I just posted the article More on iVue media player featuring Biometric authentication.

 The iVue media  player is more of a sophisticated video player rather than just a portable  jukebox featuring Biometric authentication.  It features 120GB of capacity, a large  16:9...
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:d So I have to lend my finger as well as my music player to my friend.

So I have to put my finger on the thing for EVERY single song I wanna play. I’d rather waste my time touching my fingers esomewhere better every 5 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to say the market for clone fingerprints and/or hacks would grow exponentially for this device, but there’s not a chance in hell this device will take off in the consumer market anyway, so saying that would be far too optimistic :g

btw, the interview link seems broken broken link edit
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I don’t think this sort of player would catch on too well with drivers, cyclists and so on where the user must concentrate on something else. Imaging hearing on the news: There has been a major collision between a car & track, apparently the cause appears to be that the truck driver lost concentration by trying to authenticate his MP3 player. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to give him the finger:d