More on automating dvd info - future dvdfab feature?

I have found that programs which can look up & import dvd info on-line, prior to ripping, are using a datbase maintained by AMG, and the data format used is XML.
Microsoft vista also uses AMG.
the look up is NOT based on dvd name field - I have an original DVD in my drive now which shows as “DVD volume” in windows & in Fab, but other software is still correctly finding true title & other info. Exacly how much info you get depends on what is in the AMG database - sometimes you get chapter titles, sometimes just main feature info. in my current test example I see title, studio, release date, genre… and there are fields for director, actors etc.

it would be really useful to have this added to fab as it would greatly assist in knowing which title(s) to rip; rather than have to view the dvd in another player and take careful notes beforehand.

Maybe the next fab release ,which will have the clone original IFO files option, will partially support this. current clones don’t seem to work, - look up DVD info fails in these other programs when a clone is used in place of an original.

I also found another "DVD cover grabber "which works for vista, grabbing the art work for you from IMBD & Amazon. just google it .

I’d like to see an option in fab to grab this artwork & add it to the output DVD as folder.jpg