More newb ?'s

Ive decrypted w/ DVD Dycrypter, but using DVD2one has got me super lost. I know what i want to do but not how to do it.

First off after selecting source and destination Im taken to a screen that lists Title 1 and title 2 of same length and # of chapters. The audio track selections are the same for both also, so which title do I choose? Whats the difference? Is there no way to insert the Original Title and Navigation menu’s while still deleting all the extra crap?

Second: Compression- from what I understand dvd2one will auto compress the video to fit the space available. Is there any way to control or monitor this?

Third: LotR(SE) is a 2 disc dual layer for the movie. If I wanted to combine the entire movie into 1 nonstop feature on one dvd how would I do it? I know video will prolly be crappy but i got discs to to burn so why not-

Forth: Lets say I wanted to add just the deleted scenes section or a music vid from bonus material to my burn can these be selectively added?

Fifth: i cant find a concise comprehensive guide for the newbie on the files that we are using. Namely the files generated after using DVD decrypter, and the files generated after using DVD2one-namely explanations to each file type, extention, content, and manipulation parameters.

all help appreciated as always


  1. Currently, you cannot use DVD2One to obtain just the main movie and the chapter menu. You can use it in conjunction with other utilities such as IFOEdit to achieve this end, or you can use a completely different application. InstantCopy will do what you want.

  2. Not unless you do it as a side effect of removing a large DTS audio track. Since this frees up quite a lot of space, DVD2One will not need to compress the video so much and its quality will improve.

  3. No. You would need to resort to demuxing and the use of a DVD authoring tool. As you rightly surmise, the results would make you wince.

  4. No, but see (1) above

  5. Try a search on Doom - or a Google.


As for your ‘two titles the same’ problem, it does sometimes happen with certain oddly authored DVDs. It’s rare though. Have you tried any other DVD? (And what version of LOTR was it?)

Its s super special 4 disc box set with 1/2 hour of cut footage editted back into movie and two bonus feature discs. I noticed this title stuf on other dvds sorta, some are cut and dry and real easy to figure out, I just popped in Three Kings and it has a million titles/branches, finding the main one is simple enuf but all the rest of it is really confusing. Damn now i gotta spend a week figureing out what the hell demuxing is and trying to teach myself demuxing, any good links suggestions?

Do you have some vested objection to using DVD2One to make a copy of each of the original four discs? You could then forget about ‘which title’ and menus and other esoteric matters.

That would be my approach.

I doubt you’d be happy with the alternatives. One of which is to take quite a long time learning how to do something you may only ever need once. The other is to take a quality hit that like as not will spoil the whole viewing experience for you.

If you do want to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty, try looking on Doom. They share quite a few of your prejudices.:smiley:


I dont like the idea of swapping 4 discs for 1 movie, and at the cost of blank media I would just spend the 5$ more and get the box set itself. Its not that I dont like dvd2one, it has proved far more valuable than dvdXcopy, I just want more- maybe Ill have to pony up the time and brainpower to get it the way Id like it. But hopefully someone else is already knee deep into a solution and its just around the corner.

If you try to put too much on 1 disk, you probably wont be happy with the quality and you will have wasted many many hours of your time, just to find this out.

If, however, you want to try it, here’s a way that will work :

Take your 2 disks (movie 1 & 2), rip them with Dvd Decrypter, into seperate folders.
Run each of them through Dvd20ne, setting output size to 2 gb
Demux them, using DVD Toolbox (it’s a freebie)
Rename the AC3 sound files, to exactly the same name as the corresponding m2v file (keeping the ext.)
Import to Spruce-Up, create menus/links and export to Hard Disk.
Check the result and if the size is ok, burn with Nero or whatever proggie you prefer.
If output size is too big for a DVDR, just run it thru Dvd20ne again, setting output at 4444.

I use this method for making multis and the menus etc. are quite attractive, but as I said earlier, if you try to compress too much onto 1 disk, you wont be happy.

Hope this helps.