More new media announcements from Verbatim

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  Besides  its announced plans for Blu-ray, HD-DVD and DVD-R DL media Verbatim has also released a bunch of other press  releases for the CES show. Here  is a short summary of the announcements: ...
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Dear Verbatim one innovation to work on (Lower Prices) :frowning:

verb u rock when it comes to quality but the way things atre people will just carry on using 4.7gb till the prices drop remember cd-r a 1x at around £6 a pop well i can too and now they are pence dvd r at £10 a pop me too now decent media around 60p to £1.10 get with it people can now afford to wait :B

Verbatim pricing is getting more competitive. For example, I’ve seen many good sales on Verbatim 16X DVD+R discs (cheaper than other 8X discs) at Bestbuy and other stores.

I bought Ricoh’s first ever 2x CD-ReWriter at over £400 :o Back then a Ricoh 2x CD-RW was fetching £20 each :slight_smile: Now you can buy a 16x DVD writer with +R DL support for £40 :S Now if Verbatim can only drop the price of their 4x +R DL media…

Verbatim prices are getting better, no doubt about that. I found a spindle of 8x printable dvd-r by Verbatim that was cheaper than the equivilent Imation spindle. Considering Imation use Prodisc for dvd-r, i can’t see why they’re as expensive as they are. The reason Verbatim DL isn’t dropping much is because there is little competition and what competition there is (Ritek) isn’t very good I hear. I was beginning to think that when dvd-r DL was introduced we would see a price reduction, but if Verbatim is the only one producing these then we probably won’t see any price reduction. Breaking news. TDK says they are releasing dual layer discs in January.

Correction - make that April for TDK dual layer discs