More new Fuji 48x media

As most are now aware, Fuji USA has abandoned TY media.
I just found some 50-ct spindles of Fuji, they are the same type package and also the same ATIP as the 100-ct spindles.
Unfortunately, these discs further illustrate the unreliable nature of Prodisc media.
Even though they have the same ATIP, the performance is much worse than the ones I have from the 100-ct spindles.

Here’s a scan from the new 50-ct spindle:

Although this is a very readable disc by most standards, it’s certainly no where near TY standards.

Where did it indicate the discs were made?

Taiwan, they have the standard cakebox with the 1/4" vertical lip at the top.

I just bought a 100ct pack of Fuji’s today and didn’t open them after seeing Made in Taiwan and the cakebox. So these are Prodiscs and I’ve heard that they can be good or bad. Should I take a chance with them or return them? I don’t need anymore crap blanks.

Generally, they’re average. they should be fine if you don’t burn them too fast. Recommend 40x, 48x only after testing for errors.

Now that Fuji USA’s left us, who do we go to now? What are your other recommendations for those of us in the 'States. I’d rather not do the mailorder thing as I prefer running down to BB or Staples or some other store nearby to pick them up.


Plextor discs are made by TY.

Some Maxell Made in Japan spindles are made by TY. I’ve seen some of their music/audio CD-R spindles that are TY.

Target was selling Verbatim Data Life Plus. They marked it down and moved it out. Now they replaced it with Sony.

Office Depot had a sale on Verbatim last weekend, buy one, get one free. So I did.

Fuji made in Japan is almost all gone and difficult to find.

Mostly nothing but crap in the stores now. The good stuff is just about all gone, almost impossible to find.

So now what?

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Now that Fuji USA’s left us…

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Fuji made in Japan is almost all gone and difficult to find.

That’s what was said more than a month ago > Does this mean that the TY era of Fuji is coming to its end ?