More Nero mixed-mode troubles

Greetings all. I’m having a bit of trouble trying to burn a mixed-mode CD in Nero and it’s doing my head in :a. I’m doing a little job for the uni where I need to make a series of discs with a spoken-word sound file that can be played on an ordinary CD player, as well as the same thing as a .wav file that can be copied onto a computer and be edited/searched etc.

I’m running an Intel-based (2.8G) PC with a gig of RAM and I’ve had no trouble burning either audio or data CDs before.

What’s happening now is that when I go into mixed-mode view, I get the 2 windows and drag the .wav file (100MB) into the top one where it gives me the file size and the capacity bar at the bottom goes to 100MB, then drag the same file into the bottom window, where it gives me the running time of the track (19min in mono). The capacity bar then goes to about 275MB.

I burn the disc nice & slow but it only shows that it’s burning one track. If I put it in a CD player, the player recognises that there is an audio track there but either doesn’t start it or plays in complete silence. If I put the disc into the PC & have a look at it in Windows Explorer, I only see 1 .wav track of 100MB.

Can I burn the same file twice, or do I have to rename it?

God forbid that Nero provide any help files!

Any assistance would be most appreciated. :bow:

I’m only guessing here and may be totally wrong, but just thinking out loud…

I don’t think most cd players will play .wav files (mine won’t anyway). What you might try is creating the files in multi-session mode. Maybe try one file as .wav (burn as data) and one as the same file as an audio (cda) file.

I’d try it on RW’s until I found what would work. I may be all wet on this, but just a thought.

Ta for that. I’ve tried burning the same file as both data and audio in the same mixed-mode session. I’ll try it over 2 separate sessions & see what happens.