More NEC suggestions, having a hard time recommending to a friend 3500/3540/3550/4550

Well I have a friend looking for a DVD-RW drive and I recommended NEC. But I am just not sure what to recommend now.

I have the famous NEC 3500 and Aopen 1648/AAP pro combo and love it.

I would just like to suggest the 4550A and be done with it but it doesn’t look like it is released yet in the states…anyone have a date?

So that leaves the 3550 and 3540, the only difference I can see between these drives is 3550 supports ATAPI and the 3540 does not.(3550 IDE/ATAPI)(3540 IDE). Which to me means the 3550 supports SCSI/SATA interface, not sure though.

Does the 3550 have a better chipset or different chipset, better firmware support? Because I/ (my friend really) doesn’t need that interface.

Also what is now recommended as a good replacement to the 1648aap pro DVD reader/scanner. For DVD movies

Thanks for your time

PS is it worth upgrading from the 3500 to 4550 yet, seems no drive has yet to match the 3500

I can only address the last and from what I have seen the 4550 is not yet ready to beat the 3500. Neither is the 3520 or the 3540 so it is up in the air. I was very eager to get one myself and with the burns I have seen I will be waiting a while.

I recommend the 4550, it seems to be a nice drive and have DVD-RAM :slight_smile:

I read sometimes the 3500-FW-thread and I don´t think that the NEC 3500 is so good or better like newer modes when using newer 16x certified media.

From results I’ve seen on this board, Dee’s preview and my own results, the 4550 and 3550 beat the 3540 at burning quality.

The 3540 is interesting to perform quality scans, but even if it’s a good burner (even most excellent with 4X discs, but these are less and less used), it doesn’t come close to the 3500.

I think the 3550 and 4550 (which are the same drive in hardware, the 4550 only adds DVD-RAM support) are gonna be Nec’s best drives since the 3500. The burns I get on my 4550 are stunning.

Only drawback (for some, including me) is that they are extremely unreliable PIE/PIF scanners. The 3540A has been an exception in Nec production.

I would love to see some, really. Any 8X TY or MCC would be great to see. The early results I have seen were not that impressive but I was sure they would improve.

So when are we going to see the 4550 in the states?

If the 3550 is the same as the 4550, how come the 4550 seem to be way better? at least better reviews?

I’ll be happy to oblige you, but only scans available here at present were performed with a 3540A @12X and they are misleading for most.

I prefer to post my upcoming Benq 1640 scans (I was waiting for the drive, which arrived today :bigsmile: ) - actually that’s the reason why I haven’t posted any scan of 4550A burns yet. I’ll do that afer my next gig (saturday), I’m too busy until then. :doh:

This said, I wonder what results you’ve seen, Dee’s preview show some excellent results. There has been some scans posted here that were performed on the 4550A itself, that were mediocre, but that’s normal as the drive is an awfully unreliable scanner (no consistency between scans, extremely high PIE compared to other drives, strange PIF figures at the end of the disc…).

Which ones? I’m curious.

Well the 3550 and 3450 got decent to good reviews here and else where, the preview here on the 4550 seems to be great.

Nothing real specific or anything

I’ll look forward to your BenQ scans for the 4550 burns. Thanks for the update.

The stuff I saw was some of the original burns from people who had just received the 4550 in the early days. I thought these were legitimate Liteon/BenQ scans but maybe they weren’t.

In any case I will be glad to change my opinion. A 4550 would be a great addition.