More Music From The Fast And Furious

More Music From The Fast And Furious
14 Tracks Running Time 51:14
314 586 631-2

Label on back
This audio cd is protected against unauthorized copying, it is designed to play in standard audio CD players and in computers running a windows operating system, however playback problems may be experienced. IF YOU EXPERIENCE PLAYBACK PROBLEMS, RETURN THIS DISK FOR A REFUND.

Instructions for playing this CD on a PC

  1. Place this CD in your PC, and wait until the application opens

  2. If the application does not open by itself, go to the computer view (e.g.),double click on “My Computer” or use (Windows Explorer) and double-click on the “Audio CD” icon and double click on the application icon. If this fails to open the player application, right-click on the “Audio CD” icon and double-click on the application icon.

  3. Select the music you want to hear from the track listing.

  4. If desired, you can adjust the bass and treble using the built-in equalizer.

  5. Information is available on the title and tracks.

Thank you for purchasing this CD. Each audio track on this CD is protected from unauthorized copying. Great care has been taken to ensure a high-quality listening experience, with no degradation of normal CD sound quality.

If you experience playback problems using your standard CD player or on a PC with the above specifications, YOU MAY RETURN THIS DISK FOR A REFUND.

All of that said I used a plex 12/10/32 and saw none of what was described above. The windows media player showed 14 tracks, but that was it and it was in never never land.
Changed to a TDK 24/10/40b and saw what was described as above and extracted all 14*.mp3 using roxio 5 platinum.
Burned all 14 *.mp3 with TDK 24/10/40b using nero in about three minutes.

Also used from warez guys a modified clone which extracted 14 *.mp3 files in about six minutes.

If you use a standalone player/recorder professional model it will tell you that the disk is SCMS protected. In making a copy i told it to ignore SCMS and make a copy at 1x.

BTW besides the 14 tracks listed there was an additional data track of about 20 minutes.

Here is another link from cnet news describing this cd

Took above disk to a friend’s pc/cd/player and we did see what was advertised, the Cactuspj appeared with a playlist and info on each track-writer-publisher and label plus legal notice which takes you here

Why i didn’t see it and he did is a good???
Another program that extracted all 14 files is WinDAC32 with no problems using friend’s dvd100i.

A way to stop this garbage in this particular case is to rip this cd and return the original since universal has indicated they will cheerfully accept returns “if it does not work” in someone’s pc.

Has anybody found this modified CloneCD version from the warez-guys? If it exists I think it is strange that nobody except Sspade100 knows about this modified CloneCD… esspecially here at the CDFreaks forum.


…some people who wrote it didn’t want it made available to the general public for reasons that have something to do with the fear of the law.
This site was found by me a number of months ago by accident and since then site has been out of existence, however WE KEEP IN TOUCH by various OTHER MEANS and the LAST UPDATE to this program goes back approximately 2 months ago and from what i am told there may be no more updates.
This modified clone beside being able to do what the normal clone could do was also able to extract out
audio file(s) in the form of mp3’s. How it works is beyond me.
A number of months ago when we were discussing the Charley Pride album and its protection scheme i had mentioned on this forum that the warez guys developed this modified clone that simply extracted the mp3’s file(s). I received two personal emails from two individuals who wanted to know where this program could be found.
One of these individuals actually works for Sunncomm which is the company that developed the protection for the charley pride album. Now what would he have done had i given him the url?

I am not sure if this is correct, but…

CloneCD uses raw-reading + writing. The resulting raw bitstream can’t be fed to LAME (mp3 encoder) because there is too much info in the bitstream which can’t be used for mp3. So you have to extract the audio part from the raw bitstream, leave out the subchannel stuff, etc before you could feed it into LAME. This is not a small modification, this means that CloneCD has to be rewritten almost from scratch!

Anybody else some ideas about this modified CloneCD version?


Let me get this straight; so this audio CD is protected by Cactus Data Shield, right? Is it the version with the incorrect TOC? How can I tell?