More movie releases in UMD for the PSP coming soon

I just posted the article More movie releases in UMD for the PSP coming soon.

 Apparently the PlayStation Portable is proving itself in the  motion picture world. Enough of the first rounds of films have already been sold  to warrant the release of some more on the...
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people buy these things? people spend as much money on a movie on UMD as they do on a DVD, thats crazy, i’m sorry but that it just plain f**ing stupid, i’d expect them for next to nothing.:frowning:

That’s how you can make money with the same content again and again and again…

i hate sony that is why i dont buy the psp yet it is too expensive plus they want u to pay for the movies that cant be played on anything else and if you do want to play your own videos you have to buy their crappy memory stick media which is still the most expensive nonmoving media out there

I personally hate sony propiety crap as well. Their media pro duo sticks are outragiously priced compared to other flash memory. And yes we are paying for the same content again and again. Which sucks are only makes these a-holes richer. BUT might as well give in and take it like a man. There is nothing you nor I can do about it.

You and I can certainly do something about this greed. Simply do not purchase the PSP and UMD movies. I vote with my cash, which is staying in my pocket.

The problem with commercialisation/globalisation/entreprenuerialship is the absence of morality. Morality has nothing to do with being pious, religious [so-called for those activities are merely another form of commercialised bondage], goody-two-shoes, monkish/nun-ish, etc. Morality is doing what we innately know is correct for maintaining a proper and balanced progressive existence. Only machines are amoral. Every nut who sells himself/herself knows he/she is doing wrong. Calling them whores might not be inaccurate. The password here is 'Don’t get caught". To conduct proper business needs morality or else we will all end up like cockroaches. In practice, almost ALL [99.99%] commercial operations, including governments, are steered by ambitious self-serving individuals. The problem with democracy is that maturity is a prerequisite before it really works. Give a child a box of matches and the house will go up in flames, sooner or later. Democracy is not so much about freedom [there is no such thing, only varying degrees of restrictions] but maturity for the good of the 'whole". Most gadgets are harmful, one way or the other and yet the addicted are bombarded by latent psycho-sell to indulge in more of the same. Notice how many ways a woman, say, can be 'kitted-up" to prolong the 'interest". Those mesmerised [and there are no age or social limits here] can only help themselves [and thereafter others] when they face their desires and not hide it within their comfort zones of anger or guilt. By all means have a little giggle when we see idiotic addictive behaviour by don’t laugh too long or else we’ll become another victim and not a WITNESS to fear and greed.

Sony really has my number because I really think the UMD movies are cool and they must know that I am a movie collector. However, I only plan to purchase games for my PSP. I have a portable DVD player for DVD movies on the go. Yes its just another device to have to carry around but oh well. I’m NOT going purchase movies compressed even more than MPEG2 especially if they are $24.99 or more! It’s like the RIAA wanting to charge more than $.99 per track when they aren’t even TRUE CD quality in the first place. Everyone wants to get more money for less quality. WTF. Besides, I’m not going to re-collect movies in UMD even if they have all of titles I really like (they really have my demographic pegged). I have High Definition DVDs to think about anyway. :wink:

Who wants to watch a movie on a postage stamp size screen?:B