More Merge questions

Hi again,
I just tried using the merge function and have a couple of questions.

  1. Does merge just copy the selections one right after the other onto a disk without a break in between them? If no break, is there a way to add in a break between them?
  2. Also, Is there a way to have the titles show up on the disk read as seperate episodes. If not, how is one able to select a particular episode on the disk to play it?

You have it right–Merge copies the selected Sources in sequence with no break (what you would want for most Merge projects) and no way to put one in from within Merge that I know of. With most players and player software you can easily navigate the Merge output disc using the “select title” function. You’ll just have to remember which title is which episode (I write this on the disc with a sharpie). If you’re doing TV episodes all from one source disc just use Customize/Preserve menus, then you can select the episodes with the original menu.