More memory to make better burns?

Just curious if anyone has experienced or went through a RAM upgraded recently and noticed a big jump in quality of their burns as a result? My system specs are listed below and I’m deciding for my next purchase if I want to get a bigger hard drive put in this computer (Thinking of a 160 gigabyte potentially of some sort - still haven’t decided between SATA and IDE honestly…) or putting 512 megs more of RAM in since it seems to be pretty cheap at the moment.

Would increasing my RAM to 1 gigabyte be that beneficial to burn results? /ponder - just wondering what you guys/gals think about this. :slight_smile:

Moving to one 1gig from 512 won’t directly improve your burn quality if you are not using the computer until the burn completes. If you are surfing, writing “Letters to Mable”, or whatever while encoding/burning, the increased resources may very well play a part in reducing the chance of errors. :cool:

With that said I would consider adding a HD. I’m not one to walk away and not use the machine while I’m burning or scanning. I’ve installed a seperate drive (200gig sata) just for burning apps and ripping storage to insure no additional drive activity on that drive at the time. This allows me to do anything on the machine without effecting the burn and has certainly improve the reliablity of my burns. :wink: :wink:

Just FYI: I use a SATA drive (WD Raptor) as the OS/Boot drive, another Raptor for Apps, Data, Utils, and Misc. And the WD 200 SATA for DVD stuff… This also frees my IDE channels for optical. This config works great for me. :iagree: