More media report about cracked SafeAudio

I just posted the article More media report about cracked SafeAudio….

I already saw this article this morning when I woke up. An article in a big dutch newspaper (De Volkskrant) also reports about our website and the cracked SafeAudio. A small…

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AT LAST!! Phew, it’s cracked so they’ll all piss off and stop trying to use it and stop trying to fuck us over. Music Industry ->> Go FUCK YOURSELVES!! Stop trying to ruin mp3 players!

Cdfreaks is getting a lot of media attention :4 So now we have there attention LOWER THE PRICES ON THE CDS!!! instead of spending too much money on protections who are going to be cracked anyway.

I like that the web lets us know how to bypass these protections but the copy protectors then change their methods once we do, we have to be more subtle so they think it isn’t cracked and then no one is the wiser.

The fact of the matter is that anyone who is going to be involved in any sort of illegal distribution of audio in digital format is going to have more interest and thus better access to the kind of gear needed to work around copy protection. The average business man who feels like sticking his new Kenny G (or whatever takes his fancy :wink: onto his non-skipping mp3 player for his morning jog is unlikely to beable to figure out a means to work around copy protection. So all this is doing is ripping off the legitimate customers and causing the pirates an extra 5 secs of work. Sounds like shooting yourself in the foot, however i think people won’t be detracted by this. The music industry can do what they want. I wouldnt be surprised if 99% of all music buyers didnt have a clue nor cared about the publisher, and even if they did, they can’t go and buy the album from a different publisher. People will still be sucked into buying the music because they won’t make the stand, much like in the UK when Boxing Title Fights went Pay per View, people pissed and moaned but Sky made a lot of money from it.

Standalone/cd/player/recorder does the job. A Recording studio analyzed 1. true copy 2. copy from said device 3. from warez site (1 song) found 99.99% equivalent for the true audiophiles, basically the engineer said you won’t know the difference.

Above comment about standalone cd/player/recorder refers to the Charley Pride album which incorporates MediacloQ by Sunncomm.

There you see… there is no protection, that couldn’t be cracked. Every protection is only made to be broken!

Are they ever going to give up? Any software made by man, can be cracked by man. Music industry, do yourself a favor, LOWER PRICES. If you people weren’t so damn greedy then there wouldn’t be as much music piracy in the first place.

Listen very carefully to a digital copy from the U.S. edition of the so called ‘’ Napster-Proof’’ Charley Pride CD… 06 - Charley Pride - Four Walls.mp3 07 - Charley Pride - There’s A Heartache.mp3 08 - Charley Pride - Blue Side Of Lonesome.mp3 09 - Charley Pride - I’m Gonna Change Everything.mp3 10 - Charley Pride - I Won’t Come In.mp3 11 - Charley Pride - I Guess I’m Crazy.mp3 12 - Charley Pride - Missing You.mp3 13 - Charley Pride - Welcome To My World.mp3 14 - Charley Pride - Am I Losing You.mp3 15 - Charley Pride - Adios Amigo.mp3

Nice powerpoint explanation, but you are well over my head, but i did d/l a few and will compare them to standardalone/cd/player/recorder using soundforge which gives a good spectrum analysis I went beyond Charley Pride’s album and used one of my legal albums just yesterday- Billy Gilman-Dare to Dream Ripped one song off original album and made same copy off standalone player. Incorporated copy onto computer and comaped spectrum at various points and kept coming up almost identical mhz. Why climb the mountain to the top if you can fly and get the same results? But i understand a challenge why a hacker likes challenges. They still have no idea that with just a standalone/player/recorder copy protection for sound is a thing of the past, again class “If it play and records, TS”

A further explanation about Sound spectrum analysis. I will digress from sound but the priciples still apply. In the world of the medical examiner, people sometimes die from suicide /homicide be it from drugs, antiobiotics,pesticides.etc… your job is to determine cause of death from their tissue, urine, blood.etc… and you apply various analytical techniques using various instruments, but in the end the choice of instrument is the Mass spec, Ion Trap. These compounds all have a spectrum and you make an injection onto said machine and compare spectrum with known substances in your library. You can do a general screen or if you know what you are looking for you can be specific. In short it identifies and confirms your suspicions. This is the instrument you want to go into court with, “The Bible of instruments” Sound too has a spectrum and sophisticated analysis as indicated a few posts above indicate copy is good as original. I indicated i spent yesterday comparing the spectrum of a song from Billy Gilman’s album ripped both conventionally and from standalone player. I picked obvious points and compared the properties and could not find a difference. There was a slight difference in ripping time, but other than that i saw no difference. I went further and cut and pasted left channel from copy with that of right channel from original and found no difference that was perceptible to the eye and characteristics were the same. I then reversed the channels and again found no differences. In short it was the same. But let’s forgot about all this scientific mumbo jumbo and i will digress again, but you will see the analogy. A few weeks ago i ate at restaurant that served “Bison”, their burger was “buffalo Burger”, the chili was made with buffalo and they had “smoked buffalo” with the usual salad buffet. My comment was "I can’t taste the difference between these items. I met the owner of the restaurant who has been around bison a lot longer than i have and told him my findings. He’s ben around bison for at least ten years and said he couldn’t tell the difference, except for a slight difference in taste when it came to the “buffalo burger” What I’m getting at is if we took these sunncomm executives and blinfolded them as well as me and said which is real and which is the copy copy. They sound the same would be the answer as well as my answer. This company is basing the fact that most people don’t have the knowledge to reverse engineer. They are also basing their hopes on that most people (Kids) don’t have access to a standalone/player/recorder.