More Media Info - UK

Unless you buy in bulk (100`s or more) from websites, decent media can sometimes be hard to find in stores. Just thought i would pass on the following:

Verbatim DVD+R 8x, Photo printable, Advanced AZO. (Single or box of 10)
Inspection reveals they are made in taiwan. ser: ZC8365-DVR-X47B . MCC003. DVD identifier and Nero both report these discs as 12X

Verbatim DVD+R 8X Advanced AZO - Cakebox 25pcs
Inspection reveals they are made in taiwan. ser: ZD1331-DVR-X47B . MCC003. DVD identifier and Nero both report these discs as 12X

Just backed up some DVD`s with DVD shrink for test purposes. Both burned at 12X without a hitch. Transfer rate in CD Speed was very smooooth :slight_smile:

Also, for those still using CDRs, there is a Verbatim cakebox (100 pcs, pastel Colours) in some stores which are TY. Got some from Makro at the weekend. £19 for 100 TY CDRs is pretty good. :iagree:

Not ground breaking info i know, but it may help someone.

Fairly cheap DVD-RAM available at Argos - buy one, get one free (but not for long, apparently)

Do you have a source for the Verbatims?

Boxes of 10`s - (Ordered with my 4163)

Cakebox was from Makro. They also have the boxes of 10.
Everyone knows someone who has a Makro trade card. :slight_smile:

With makro you have to add vat to the total though…

A good place is

It is worth signing up to the email newsletter as they do various short term special offers.

e.g. Datawrite Grey 8x in a pack of 25 is £5.99 inc VAT + Shipping.

Also if they do not sell the discs that you want email them and they will try to get them in. They got in a supply of verbatim DVD-RAM discs when I asked as they generally only sell the cheaper brands.

I need MCC003 for tests with LG drives. :frowning: :sad:

Still no news of MCC03RG20. :sad: :frowning:

@ Dallshead

I purposely INCLUDED the VAT so not to confuse anyone. :bigsmile:

@ Kenshin

Re Verbatim.
Are MCC03RG20 the 16X minus discs?

Plenty of verbatim 16X plus discs available at the moment, but no minus.

No, they are 16x DVD-R. 8x is MCC02RG20 and 4x is MCC01RG20. I only have MCC01RG20 and MCC002. Maybe one or two more MCC004 as well. :sad:

That will teach me to type quicker when editing my posts. :bigsmile:

I bet the MCC03RG20 will cost a bit :stuck_out_tongue: