More information on the Pioneer DVD-R writers bug

I just posted the article More information on the Pioneer DVD-R writers bug.

The website has some more information on the Pioneer DVD-R drives bug. We reported about this bug before and updating the firmware should fix the problems. However this firmware…

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Go on Pioneer make my A04 a 4x writer :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know exactly what brands/media cause this problem? I’m hesitant to update my firmware as I’m scared it is going to break my ability to write at 2x for now working unofficial media such as choice 2x. I’ve heard this does affect some offical 2x media. Can anybody clarify if this will affect media unofficial 2x media such as choice?

some more proof that when Apple dips their stick into things, sht happens. ( i know this isn’t specific to Apple, but hey; they caused a prob with their “Super Drives”) : meep

Get the universal firmware from to turn the MAC Superdrive into a ‘true’ Pioneer, afterwards you could use Pioneer’s firmware.

You can see in our cd-rw forum, that CMC is said to be “cheaply made crap”, and Ritek isn’t known for constantly high quality either. Support for 2x writing has been removed due to too many coasters for CMC and Ritek. Good 2x media is not effected. There is no unofficial 2x media. A04 will only write Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Pioneer, Maxell, TDK, Taiyo Yuden and Matsushita at 2x. Every media which is written at 2x is made by one of these manufacturers. BTW: DVR-A03 can easily be downgraded with an older DOS loader…A04 appearently can’t :9

Princo and Prodisc do produce 2x certified DVD-R too and they still work at 2x after the firmwareupgrade I did.