More information on DVD-A and SACD protections - Watermarks

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The two rivaling formats, the SACD and DVD-A, who should eventually become the follow ups of the current audio CD, are now also noticed by the major news websites. MSNBC reports more about the…

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After some time there probably will be players which will play any DVD-Audio discs even if there is no watermark. Like there are DVD-free region players … just a matter of time …:7

I noted when I flicked through a Hi-Fi magazine loaned to me that none of the “non-mainstream” manufacturers, aka Meridian, Marantz et al seem to be supporting or making SACD devices. Perhaps they know something we don’t? The Meridian box I looked at was a PC style home cinemahi-fi solution costing some £18,000! That excludes speakers of course… To me this level of commitment would suggest that SACD may be doomed to failure…not that I have any particular interest in either format since I don’t play music much. I’m quite happy with the average quality afforded by a CD full of my favourite MP3s. Having worked in the hi-fi trade for a number of years I know how much of the kit is simply fools gold or a case of the Emporers New Clothes. In fact there was a letter in the very same mag from some idiot who reckoned he’d spent £187,000 on his audio system! What a twat!

As far as I’m concerned my hearing isn’t that good any way as to warrant a shed load of expense, Working in the steel industry isnt what I would call ear friendly inspite of having to wear ear protection I know im high frequency defecient. ho hum.

Quote from MSNBC: 'Copyright owners are entitled to use whatever formats they want to use," von Lohmann said. 'If they really want to protect their content they can go back to vinyl." :d I don’t think anyone will be happy buying one of these players if they’re not compatible with existing 5.1 Digital speakers! Even the best analogue amplifiers pick up some interference (buzzes and clicks) from motors, switches, cellphones, etc.